We are a dedicated group who share an interest in CBD, hemp and cannabis. We’ve put together quite a team and an impressive Advisory Panel.

Shelly Hutchison, RN, ACNA

Medical Marijuana Specialists

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Shelly Hutchison has been a registered nurse since 1991, the first 17 years of which she spent in the neonatal intensive care unit. She then went on to prove herself to be an outstanding manager and marketer for a pediatric home care company. In this role she came to the realization of how medical marijuana was treating pediatric seizures and other chronic illnesses. With her own mom suffering from such severe chronic pain, she knew she had to be involved in this up and coming new generation of medicine. 

This is when she embarked on her own journey to educate herself on medical marijuana, the endocannabinoid system and the science behind this wonderful plant. After being a consultant to a few not-so-compassionate start-ups, she decided to start her own company, Medical Marijuana Specialists in 2018. She prides herself on taking the hands of the patients and navigating them through their entire journey! Shelly has a deep passion to educate the community and the healthcare industry on medical marijuana, the science and its amazing benefits. 

She wishes to thank Dr. John Metcalf, Medical Director and Kayla Povazan, Patient Care Expert for all of their hard work and endless dedication! In her free time Shelly loves to travel and continue educating herself on medical marijuana. She is an active member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association.


Dispensary Manager, Cultivator, and Writer 

I moved to Bend, Oregon where I managed two different dispensaries called Oregon Euphorics and The Medication Station.

Over a year ago, I moved to Pittsburgh (Millvale) in order to be closer to family members. Last spring, I worked as a manager to help open the Zelienople branch of Solevo Wellness.  Right now I’m helping to brand a new CBD company near Pittsburgh called Sage Farmacy and working for Uphempo as a writer and contributor.  


Jen WebsterCannabis Advocate and Educator, Owner at Keystone Buds, LLC.

Previously to the medical marijuana program in Pennsylvania, I was a casual consumer with little knowledge aside from the “smoke this and feel better” aspect of cannabis. As soon as our mmj program started and I was able to fully explore the different strains and their components, it became clear that my casual use was limiting all of the benefits the plant had to offer.

After several months of experience and conversations with other patients, I wanted to create a place outside of the dispensaries for consumers to ask questions and communicate directly with industry professionals. In preparation, I spent a week in Colorado with local budtenders learning about growing, cultivating, and consuming properly before returning to Pennsylvania to start Keystone Buds, a Pittsburgh based education community. I’m extremely excited to work with other industry professionals on educating the community and helping people with their cannabis journeys. 

I hold certifications in Cannabusiness, Marijuna 101, Cannabis History, and Budtender training. Visit us at www.kstonebuds.com or @keystonebuds on Instagram. 


Cannabis Chef and Patient Care Consultant

I worked as a PCC for the first dispensary in Pittsburgh, Solevo Wellness.  There, I was able to experience the rewarding responsibility of guiding patients to a more holistic approach in healing.  

I’ve consumed cannabis for over ten years, so the opportunity to be involved in the industry is probably my most cherished circumstance currently.  

Many patients asked how to create their own medication via edibles.  That is why I decided to take on the role as Senior Event Lead for an Ohio based company called Ediybles.  We teach folks how to infuse their own food/treats with the machines and accessories we provide. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for healing!


Web Designer, Writer, Photographer, Cannabis Advocate

I grew up in the state of Pennsylvania and attended college at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for Photography and Digital Media Productions. I’ve spent the last few years writing content for multiple websites.

I have been using cannabis based products for over 15 years, and I am extremely excited to be a part of this team. Working in this massively growing market is a real dream come true.

Recently I made a big move to Florida. I now spend most of my time tending to my 40 acre property and using my artistic abilities to produce content for Uphempo.