6 Ways To Enjoy Cannabis Without Smoking It

Let us turn back time to that first big hit of cannabis. You probably remember the uncontrollable coughs, a burning sensation in your throat, an uncoordinated ability to use the carb, and of course the inability to gauge how long you’ve been pulling the smoke…

As a veteran smoker, those were the glory days. Unfortunately for those just jumping into the cannabis smoking scene, these are all very real.

Not everyone is big into smoking, and if you have bad lungs, or medical conditions, you may not even have that option. The terrible image of smoking may be a main reason why a lot of people stay away from cannabis, even if they are in a legal marijuana state. I don’t know about you, but I sure couldn’t see my parents taking rips from the bong…

If you are looking for a more health conscious way to consume your cannabis, then you’ve come to the right place! With more and more ways to consume cannabis hitting the market everyday, we wanted to give you some suggestions for an experience that’s smoke-free.

Cannabis Edibles

One of the most popular alternative methods to taking cannabis has to be the infused foods and drinks. Marijuana edibles are flying off the shelves like hot cakes, and it’s no surprise. You can basically infuse marijuana into anything that calls for oil or butter.

You can even make your own cannabis infused butter at home, and it’s surprisingly easy. Just make sure you do your research on dosing, as marijuana can have strong psychoactive effects. Start with a low dose, and work your way up from there. Edibles move through your digestive system, so effects may take longer to kick in.

Because it’s super simple to make cannabis infused products, dispensaries and head shops all around the U.S. are taking advantage of the edible market. You can find cannabis based edibles in a variety of forms such as brownies, cookies, candies, gummies, crackers, teas, and even lemonades.

Vaporizing Cannabis

Believe it or not, you don’t need to take a torch to your cannabis to take advantage of the amazing benefits. The chemical compounds that are in cannabis actually vaporize at lower temperatures making it less harmful to your body, and easier on your lungs.

With the vaporizing market growing, it can be quite easy to find the right vaporizer for you.

There are multiple options to choose from such as large table top machines with advanced settings, to small handheld vaporizers so you can take your cannabis on the go. If you want to experience cannabis without inhaling smoke, then consider starting with a vaporizer.

Ingestible Cannabis Oils

Ingestible cannabis oils are basically concentrates made from cannabis that are consumed orally. The most popular use of these oils can be found in pill form, or other types of plastic applicators.

These can both be directly consumed, or added into your favorite drinks. Similar to edibles these pills can take time to have any effect, so please be cautious with your dosing, and start small!

Topical Cannabis

Cannabis-infused topicals are another great way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without inhaling smoke. The topical creams and balms can be applied directly to your skin, and help alleviate soreness, pain, and even inflammation.

One of the main reasons people choose to use topicals is because of the THC-free effects. Most topical creams and balms contain little to no THC, allowing you to keep a clear head, and experience zero psychoactive effects.

If you want a clean, safe way to consume cannabis, topicals should be your number one choice.


The most common method used to make Tinctures is known as an alcohol soak. This method extracts the cannabis compounds creating an infused liquid.

This liquid is applied under your tongue, and enters into your bloodstream almost instantly. These are commonly used by beginners because it can be easy to gauge dosing since the effects are fast acting.

Tinctures come in a variety of cannabinoid profiles, flavors, and potencies, which makes it easy for you to find a product that fits your specific cannabis needs.

If you are looking for an easy and fast acting method to taking cannabis without damaging your lungs, consider tinctures.


If you’re like me, and you’ve been in the cannabis smoking game for a long time, then you’ve probably heard the term dabbing. Dabbing is a method used to flash-vaporize cannabis concentrates, causing extremely potent effects.

You most commonly find dab smoking rigs that look similar to glass bongs, with one unique piece called the nail. The nail needs to be super heated with a butane torch, then the cannabis concentrate is dropped on (dabbed on) the nail, creating a vapor.

Now, as a cannabis beginner you’re probably thinking this seems a little sketchy, and you aren’t the only one, but for experienced smokers, it is definitely a viable option.

The concentrates that are refined correctly can offer a very clean experience, which is completely free of plant material.

Final Thoughts

Even if you aren’t a smoker, there are still plenty of cannabis options out there. Now that your eyes have been open to the different methods, it’s time for you to find the right one!

Do your research, and have fun experimenting with different products! If you have any info to add, or have any questions on these methods, please leave us a comment below! Also, if you aren’t sure about a product, please contact your primary physician before taking.

Stick around and learn more about Cannabis in all of our articles at Uphempo. Thanks for reading!

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