7 Factors Affecting A Marijuana High

Gather your smoking friends and ask them what their favorite strain of cannabis is. I guarantee you get dozens of different answers. Everyone is different when it comes to the marijuana high that they prefer. 

Some people like a body high, others like a head high, furthermore, some want their high to be mellow, and others want it to be buzzy.

Sure, there are many factors that effect your cannabis high that coincide with personal preference, but there are other factors that are sometimes outside of your control.

When you understand the circumstances that can affect your buzz, then you’ll ultimately have a better experience with different products and strains. This will help narrow down what’s going to work best for you.

Lets take a look at 7 of the most common factors that can affect your marijuana high.


Finding the right dose can be tricky, especially when trying new strains, or eating those delicious brownies and cookies. Here at Uphempo we recommend you take things slow, and start your doses low.

Dosing is probably the most important factor when considering the elements that have affect on your high. If you take too little then you may feel absolutely nothing; take too much and you may end up buried in your couch freaking out over your neighbors weed wacker sounds (don’t worry, Ive been there).

Finding the perfect dose, and knowing your preferred dose, can make all the difference when enjoying marijuana.

Your Setting

The environment can play a crucial role in the effect of your marijuana high, and should be taken seriously. Sometimes, you’ll smoke the same strain on two different occasions, and feel different highs each time.

The next time you experience a change in highs, ask yourself…Were you comfortable, happy, relaxed? Did you feel uneasy, tense, or anxious? Are you comfortable with the company you’re around? Are you in a crowded area, or out in nature?

These different scenarios can most definitely affect your marijuana high. Get to know your comfort level before indulging in marijuana. Getting high right before you head to a crowded place could cause anxiety, perhaps you know that the best time for you to enjoy marijuana is right before bed.

The point is, be aware of your surroundings and settings, they can play a huge role in your cannabis high. Do what works best for you, find your happy smoking place, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying marijuana.

Intake Methods

I’m sure you’ve read about all of the ways you can ingest marijuana. Vaping, smoking, and eating edibles are the most common, but did you know that they all have their own variables? Hitting a vape and eating a pot cookie will, generally speaking, have different affects on your body.

Depending on the method that you use to ingest marijuana, your body will process these cannabinoids differently. You should also know that each method will have its own dosing recommendations. Beyond that, edibles tend to have stronger, and longer lasting effects compared to other methods.

Controlling your dose can be easier with some methods more than others, for example, Vaping compared to eating a brownie.

You may find that a hit from dabbing is much more potent than toking on a joint. You can also visualize the amount your smoking with a joint compared to liquid in a vape pen.

Each of these factors can play big roles, affecting the length and quality of your marijuana high. The important information to take away from this is, know your limits for each method. Just because I smoke a joint before bed every night, doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy eating two pot brownies.

Strain Profiles

Each strain has its own cannabinoid profile, which is the best way to find out how each high is going to affect you. For example, there are plenty of people that love the effects of marijuana, or THC, where others may experience paranoia, and anxiety.

CBD and CBN are other cannabinoids that you should consider as well. Strain profiles will vary from strain to strain, and tend to be widely diverse, but can be a very helpful tool to asses how each strain is going to affect your high.

Because each strain is different, you may need to experiment to know how the strain will make you feel. Once you have yourself dialed in, and you know what works best for you, then having a strain composition puts the power in your hands. Breaking down each strain is a great way to choose the perfect high for you.

Why stop there? The other factors that will come into play will be the THC to CBD ratio, and the fact that THC can enhance CBD. You may have a great experience with a CBD low in THC but a terrible experience with another, simply because the ratio is different.


Even if you’ve never heard the word terpenes before, I know that you’re familiar with them. Terpenes are what give our favorite strains the taste and scent that we love, such as the berry in your Berry Kush, the lemon in your Lemon Haze, and the fuel in your Diesel.

So do terpenes play a role in your high? Unfortunately this topic is in need of further research, and it does pose an interesting question, but some evidence does, in fact, suggest that it can make a difference.

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As an example, linalool is what gives that signature sent to lavender, which is said to have relaxing effects, and no one is arguing that. So who is to say that terpenes can’t do the same?

In our near future, more research will be done on terpenes, revealing the effective benefits. Marijuana consumers will then have the confidence to decide which terpenes work best for them.

Your Tolerance

Everyone is different in there own special way, and the same can be said for a person’s marijuana tolerance. Sure, your age can affect your tolerance, but beyond that there are factors that can play a big part.

Your body chemistry, the frequency in which you consume marijuana, and the length in years you’ve been smoking are all important.

It is pertinent to know your tolerance, that way you can gauge how much to consume, especially when you’re with friends that have different tolerances.

The bottom line is, only you can find your tolerance level, and by doing so, you’ll have the power to choose the right marijuana high for you…whether that be for medical benefits, anxiety relief, creativity, or just enjoyment.


I’m sure some of you have asked your parents if they indulged in marijuana when they were younger. Most of the time, the answer is yes, but it’s hard for them to tolerate it now.

A hard assumption is that they lost their cool when they had kids, but the truth is, age may play a big role in the effects of marijuana.

A study performed on rats in 2007, did indeed find links between the effects of cannabis and age. The younger rats were reported to withstand the effects of marijuana much better than their older counterparts, which showed more signs of anxiety, suppressed movement, and stress.

Even though more research needs to be done on the effects of cannabis compared to age, it’s probably wise to research the amount, and type of marijuana you’re consuming—especially if you haven’t smoked since you were a teen.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a variety of factors that can effect your high when consuming marijuana. Here, at Uphempo, we want you to explore cannabis, but also have the knowledge to be smart in your exploration.

All of the factors above should be taken into consideration when starting your cannabis journey. Whether that be the way you consume your marijuana, the doses you take, or even the environment that surrounds you.

We hope that this article has given you the knowledge you needed before finding the right product for you. If you have any additional information to add, or have a question about these factors, please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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