Alaska Marijuana Laws

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Status: Fully Legal

Decriminalized: Yes

Medical: Yes

Recent Moves By Governor Concerns Cannabis Industry

The Gov. of Alaska Mike Dunleavy sent a shockwave through the adult cannabis program by removing Chairman Brandon Emmett from the Marijuana Control Board, and replacing him with Vivian Stiver. Stiver has been a well known opponent of the approved adult use of cannabis in Alaska, which many seem to think its a way to undermine the already approved law.

Beyond that, the governor indicated that dismantling the entire Marijuana Control Board, and the Alcohol Control board could be in the near future. They would then transfer the authority over to the Commerce Department. It is still unclear whether this change could diminish the program, or, as Mike Dunleavy suggested, it would make things more streamline, and save money in the long term.

These moves are following a victory for cannabis consumers in Alaska, considering the Control Board approved the use of cannabis for on-site consumption at business that obtained permission from the state regulators. Whether the moves made by governor Dunleavy remain in effect is still a little unclear.

Lawmakers Consider Alaska Expungement Bill

Even though Alaska legalized marijuana in 2014, there are still many Alaskan natives that find themselves effected by their past criminal histories, even with the states updating their cannabis laws. The SB-8 would help to protect these offenders when the laws were different in Alaska.

These criminal records pose problems to people looking for jobs, furthering education, or even buying a house. Lets hope that SB-8 passes in the near future so these derailed lives can get back on track!

You can check out more information on the SB-8 bill here!

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