Arizona Marijuana Laws

It is very important to keep up with the cannabis laws in your state, especially if you’re a daily user. Lets take a closer look at the Arizona Marijuana Laws below!

Status: Mixed

Decriminalized: No

Medical: Yes

Arizonas Medical Marijuana Program

In November of 2010, Arizona natives voted on Proposition 203, an Initiative for medical marijuana, winning 50.1%. In March 2011, Arizonas DHS or Department of Health Services finalized regulations for registry and dispensary identification cards. In April they began excepting applications from caregivers and their patients so that they could be protected from arrests.

In order to qualify for the medical marijuana program in Arizona, patients must have one or more of the following medical conditions: HIV/Aids, Cancer, Glaucoma, Hep C, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease, PTSD, Seizures, Chronic Pain, Consistent Nausea, or Muscle Spasms.

The laws states that each patient may carry up to two and a half ounces, and have the option to designate a chosen caregiver to possess it as well, on your behalf. The Arizona law also states that if you are living more than 25 miles from the closest dispensary, you may cultivate up to 12 plants of marijuana for yourself. If you happen to be on vacation in Arizona and you have your out-of-state medical card, then they will honor it up to thirty days. Unfortunately you can’t use it to buy marijuana. 

Included in the law is extensive protections on discrimination for patients dealing with housing, employment, education, visitation/child custody, parental rights, and even organ transplants.

September 2017, the Department of Child Services in Arizona issued a regulation, saying that anyone that is a medical marijuana user is not eligible to become a parent to a foster child.

Medical Program Improves; Infused Products Become Legal From Supreme Court Rule.

Advocates of the marijuana policy reform have seen exciting progress this year. The legislation for marijuana reform was sent to the governor Doug Ducey in May. This bill, which was signed by the governor, requires all of the dispensaries to have third-party lab testing done on all of the products for contaminates and potency by the first of November, 2020.

This law will also make the patient registry cards valid for 2 years instead of 1, which is going to save medical marijuana users hundreds of dollars over the next ten years.

Back in May, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that edibles, infused products, and concentrates are all legal under the medical cannabis program.

In March of 2019 Arizona did a poll, showing that 59% were for legalizing marijuana for adult use. This is encouraging to advocates who are preparing their campaign, and expect to see the legislation on the states 2020 ballot.

Stayed tuned for more information on Arizonas Marijuana Program in the near future!

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