Arkansas Marijuana Laws

With laws on marijuana changing rapidly, it can be tough to keep up with. We want to make things was for you, so we put together a short article on Arkansas Marijuana Laws. Take a closer look below!

Status: Mixed

Decriminalized: No

Medical: Yes

Marijuana Sales Start For Medical Patients

In May of 2019 Arkansas medical marijuana program hit the ground running. Despite there being only a few different dispensaries open, the sales have been very strong. You can find one dispensary in Clinton, and the other two in Hot Springs. The state recently authorized 5 marijuana cultivators, and 32 dispensaries.

Up to July of 2019, there were over 15,000 medical cards issued to patients in the state. Officials are predicting that the number could rise to above 20,000 in the very near future. If you want to read more about the law that voters approved, you can check it out here!

Arkansas Current Marijuana Law; One Of The Harshest In Our Nation

Arkansas laws on marijuana are on top for being some of the harshest in the nation. Even though the country around them is making huge improvements in cannabis legality, Arkansas has shown very little or no interest at all in changing its current laws.

If you possess less than 4 ounces of marijuana, you could find yourself with a misdemeanor, a fine up to $2,500, and a year in jail. If you are convicted twice, being caught with an ounce or more of marijuana, you could pay fines up to $6,000 and spend 6 years in prison!

They introduced a decriminalization bill in 2019, but unfortunately the legislature adjourned before it could advance.

Contact your local officials, and lawmakers and let them know that it is time for a more fiscally sound, and proportionate approach to marijuana. There are 26 states that surround them, that have either legalized fully, or decriminalized marijuana. Maybe it’s time for them to join the expanding group of states.

Stay tuned for updates on the laws on marijuana in Arkansas.

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