California Marijuana Laws

Looking to learn more about the cannabis laws in California? Below is the most up to date information on California Marijuana Laws.

Status: Fully Legal

Decriminalized: Yes

Medical: Yes

Rule Consideration Continues For State Bureau of Cannabis Control

California continues to work on establishing their adult cannabis program. Now, state regulators are doing their best to come up with a permanent set of rules in order to govern all cannabis businesses. The business, as of now, are working under temporarily adopted rules, which could change in the near future.

July 1st 2018. all of the cannabis products sold would have to meet state standards. This was a milestone, but a rough one at that. Many business owners had to destroy all of the products that hadn’t been tested under the new state standards.

Current Status of California Marijuana Laws

Before the 2016 vote, possessing marijuana up to an ounce was considered a civil infraction, much like a speeding ticket. After the vote went through, possessing an ounce, and cultivating up to 6 plants for personal use was considered legal.

Even though California had reduced charges for marijuana prior to 2016, they still managed to punish thousands of adults for using a substance substantially safer than tobacco or alcohol. 

Now, looking forward, California has stopped wasting their resources arresting, siting, or prosecuting offenders. Now they are working on making sure that all the sales for marijuana go to credible businesses and state budgets, instead of criminal pockets.

California Timeline for Marijuana Policy Reform

1996 – Medical Marijuana Use approved through the vote of the Compassionate Use Act.

2003 – Expanded the medical marijuana law by allowing caregivers and patients to work together in order to cultivate marijuana.

2015 – California enacts regulations and licensing for businesses dedicated to medical marijuana.

2016 – Voters help establish a regulated market and the legalization of marijuana use for adults.

2017: The system for regulating and licensing medical cannabis, was paired with a similar system being used for non-medical marijuana businesses.

2018: Sales for legal adult consumers began!

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