Can CBD Help With Your Focus and Concentration?

I recently talked to a patient at one of our dispensaries who had an interesting question.

He was taking a lot of different pills to help him focus on his work but was looking to take CBD in place of the more powerful drugs. 

He asked me; is CBD good for focus?

Using CBD myself for focus, my initial response was yes, but everyone is different.  This patient for example, was not liking the pills his primary care doctor were prescribing.

ADHD drugs like Xanax can had adverse effects on people’s health.  Some side effects include restlessness, anxiety, depression, and many more. 

This particular patient said that he had important projects he had to complete for work every week.  Now this seems similar to a lot of us! Work can really confuse the balance of our mental system. Stressors out of our control have to be dealt with every single day.  The more people and projects we have, the more complicated things can become. Large work projects can soon lose their efficiency once worker focus is spiraled out of balance.  

The two medications this person was prescribed were Adderall and Vyvanse.  He personally did not like the effects these drugs were giving him. Not only was he not getting help focusing at work, he was also have bad feelings at night and after the medication wore off was very unfocused.  

Knowing from personal experience how strong these drugs can be, I completely agreed with the issues.  Drugs like these can put a huge strain on the system and cause us to have a mid day crash that can really hurt some of our daily routines. 

This person also stated that when they take the medication, they have compulsive tendencies.  These are so strong to this person they are not able to stop the repetitive behavior until the medication completely wears off. 

Anxiety and depression were another issue this person faced in the past but currently wasn’t having any problems.  

How Much Should I Experiment With?

For people wanting focus, we recommend starting at a low dose in the morning during a day you don’t have much work to do and see how you feel.  If you feel generally good, try taking the same dose during the day you have to go to work.  

Do you feel any less stressed at work?  Are you able to focus better on your projects?  

It’s always best to try CBD in larger amounts if you feel absolutely no difference.  Also, make sure to test a variety of situations while taking CBD. Take CBD in the morning, take it in the night, and take it in the evening. 

Do you notice one time of day changing the way the CBD makes you feel?  This may be an indicator of outside stress issues or daily problems that need to be addressed.  

One may not immediately notice the effects of CBD at work, but sometimes patients reported a subtle relaxation.  CBD can “take the edge off” large projects or just help your mind not think about all the external situations around you.  

Final Thoughts

For the moment, not many research studies have used CBD in their experiments.  Doctors are just beginning the first patient studies with the US federal regulations diminishing by the day.   Soon hemp could be legal around the world and we will get tons of data about CBD and the way it can help us focus and help with ADHD. 

For now, we recommend trying CBD for focus as it has helped many people we know and has little side effects when compared to serious drugs. 

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