CBD Gummies: Top Ten CBD Gummies of 2020

Are you in the market for CBD gummies?  Or maybe you haven’t tried CBD yet and are looking for a tasty and simple way to take your cannabis?  CBD gummies may be just the perfect solution for you and your family. 

Below, Uphempo has gathered a list of reputable CBD manufacturing farms and suppliers that create fantastic CBD gummies.

What are CBD Gummies?

It may sound basic to say, but many people have never tried a gummy before.  What makes a gummy a gummy and not another treat?

Let’s take a look at a typical gummy bear recipe we found online:

Haribo Gold Bears – These are a very popular brand of gummy bears found all around the country.  (They do not contain any cannabis or CBD.)  

The ingredients include Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Gelatin, Dextrose,  Less Than 2% Of: Citric Acid, Artificial and Natural Flavors, Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Carnauba Wax, White Beeswax, Yellow Beeswax, Yellow 5, Red 40, Blue 1.

A typical gummy bear for example consists of a combination of sugar, water, syrup, dextrose, and gelatin.  

Gelatin is one of the main primary ingredients that separates gummies from other candies.  You may be wondering, what exactly is gelatin anyways?

Gelatin is a tasteless and odorless food ingredient created by boiling leftover animal skin and bones.  Sounds kind of like something out of a horror movie right?  

Many of you may not know this, but gelatin is not vegan or vegetarian.  Gelatin is a reduced meat based product.  Therefor be sure to check the labels on the back of your CBD gummy products.  Many CBD infused gummies that come from industrial hemp farms are not vegan.  

At Uphempo, we are not biased to either vegetarian or meat containing products, but we do like our readers to be aware that even gummies may contain meat derived ingredients.    

CBD Gummy Reviews: What are the Best CBD Gummies of 2020?

Here is a current list of the best hemp derived CBD gummies we have found around the globe today.  A lot of our products are manufactured here in the US. The US CBD companies usually have testing results for cannabinoids, chemicals, and mold.  

If you would like a good overview of CBD and what it can do for you, check out our Ultimate CBD Guide

It’s also important to mention that all of these products are made in the United States from local hemp, and have less than 0.3% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

Many products include terms such as Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and THC Free/CBD Isolate. If you aren’t sure what these terms mean, refer to our list below.

  • Full Spectrum: Can include all of the cannabinoids from the plant, especially THC, and Terpenes.
  • Broad Spectrum: Contains Terpenes and a variety of cannabinoids. Doesn’t normally contain THC.
  • CBD Isolate: CBD in its purest form. No THC or other cannabinoids.

Plants Not Pills

THC-Free CBD Gummy Bears (30 gummies/750 mg total CBD)

Overall Score:  7/10

Pros:  Great price, organic hemp, 0.00% THC, good detailed lab testing, great taste

Cons:  Other ingredients are not quality, packaged in a facility that contains nuts

Price Analysis:

$34.99 for 750 MG

You pay about five cents per milligram of CBD per container

CBD Classification:  THC Free

Order Plants Not Pills

Organic:  Yes/No The hemp is organic and the ingredients are not.

Gluten-Free:  No

Vegetarian/Vegan:  No/No

Lab Testing on Website:  Yes

Cannabinoid Profile:  Only CBD is found in the test results

Review Summary:

Plants Not Pills is a cannabis company that was recently recommended to us at Uphempo.  This was our first time checking out their website and there were many things we loved about their CBD products.  

One thing we really loved about the CBD gummies we reviewed is the price.  At less than 5 cents per MG of CBD, these are some of the cheapest CBD infused gummies you can find at this quantity. 

Many companies don’t give you a price break until you get a multiple month supply or a much larger CBD container. 

Plants Not Pills give you a great deal at only a 30 count of gummies!

In their plastic pill bottle container of CBD gummies, Plants Not Pills provides 30 gummies at about 25 milligrams each.  25 milligrams of CBD oil is a medium to medium-high dose, so many cannabis consumers may find themselves actually breaking the gummies in half.  

One half of a CBD gummie from Plants Not Pills would yield about 12.5 milligrams of CBD.  If you are taking CBD every day, 12.5 milligrams could be just enough for you to feel the effects.  At this amount of CBD per day, one container of CBD gummies would last you two whole months.  

One thing that is important to note is that these gummies are THC free.  That means they contain 0.00% THC according to the third party lab testing.  Plants Not Pills calls their products “broad spectrum”, but we were unable to see any other detectable cannabinoid in their lab results besides CBD.   So in reality we would consider these gummies to lie in our THC Free realm of products.

THC Free products are better for those taking drug tests which allow for CBD but not THC to show up in results.  

Order Plants Not Pills

Transcend Labs


Overall Score:  7/10

Pros:  A company we trust, quality over quantity, full spectrum, organic hemp, US grown

Cons:  Price is much higher than some brands, non-organic additional ingredients

Price Analysis:

$59.99 for 750 MG

You pay about eight cents per milligram of CBD per container

CBD Classification:  Full Spectrum THESE CONTAIN THC

Order Transcend Labs CBD Gummies

Organic:  Yes/No The hemp is organic and the ingredients are not.

Gluten-Free:  No

Vegetarian/Vegan:  No/No

Lab Testing on Website:  Yes

Cannabinoid Profile:  CBC, CBG, CBD, CBN, THC, CBDV

Review Summary:

Transcend Labs always impresses with their amazing cannabinoid profile from their full spectrum CBD gummies.  

While more expensive than many of the other CBD brands, Transcend Labs makes up for the difference by bringing you a cbd gummy with one of the most impressive cannabinoid profiles we have seen thus far.  

A wide cannabinoid spectrum is great for those people looking to get the most out of the cannabis plant.  Other cannabinoids have shown to help people in certain cases such as CBN for sleep aid.  

CBC, CBG, and CBN are all found in the gummies made by Transcend Labs.  Each container houses 30 gummies for a total of 750 milligrams. Each gummy contains 25 milligrams of CBD oil.  

If this is your first time taking CBD gummies, 25 milligrams is a good place to start for medium to heavy users.  People taking a smaller amount can split these gummies in two which would make each gummy-half 12.5 milligrams in CBD concentration.

Order Transcend Labs CBD Gummies

Wyld CBD

WYLD CBD Gummies – 500mg CBD Bottle

Overall Score:  8/10

Pros:  A long time player in the CBD world, tested by man on the west coast, vegan!, great ingredients compared to many others

Cons:  Price is much higher than some brands, non-organic additional ingredients

Price Analysis:

$34.95 for 500 MG

You pay about eight cents per milligram of CBD per container

CBD Classification:  Full Spectrum THESE CONTAIN THC

Organic:  Yes/No The hemp is organic and the ingredients are not.

Gluten-Free:  Yes

Vegetarian/Vegan:  Yes/Yes

Lab Testing on Website:  Yes

Cannabinoid Profile:  CBC,  CBD, CBN, no THC

Review Summary:

Wyld CBD gummies are one of our favorite cannabis gummies on the shelves today and we would love for you to try them.

One of the best characteristics of these gummies from Wyld is that they have great ingredients compared to many other CBD edibles.   Not only are they vegetarian and safe for vegans, these CBD gummies are also gluten-free.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients here:

Sugar, Tapioca Syrup, Water, Raspberry Juice Concentrate, Pectin (Pectin, Sodium Citrate), Coconut Oil, Natural Flavoring, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, Citric Acid, Sunflower Lecithin. Contains: Coconut.

Here you can see in the ingredients there is no gelatin.  Gelatin like we mentioned above is made from the bones and skin of animals and therefore is not vegan or vegetarian.  Gelatin is what the CBD gummy manufacturers use to create the bouncy rubber-like consistency of the gummy.  

Instead the people at Wyld have used a combination of tapioca syrup and sunflower lecithin to emulsify and make the cbd gummies hold their gummy form.

Wyld Gummies are a broad spectrum CBD gummy.  This means the cannabinoid profile is a little more complex than the average THC free edible.  Most THC free CBD gummies have no other cannabinoids other than CBD.  

If you are taking a drug test for work these gummies could be a great alternative for those looking to get more than just CBD in their cannabis edible.  I personally have tried hundreds of gummies from Wyld that were infused with THC.  

Wyld first started on the west coast so many budtenders in the recreational marijuana market have tried Wyld products.  Of all the gummies I have tasted, I kept going back to Wyld again and again. The gummies are easy to take at 25 milligrams per serving.  

Just like the other CBD gummies mentioned above, the Wyld cannabis gummies could be taken one or two at a time for heavy users or just half of one for light to moderate users.  


CBD Gummies – 750 mg – 30 Count

Overall Score:  6/10

Pros:  Sourced from US hemp farms, third party iso certified testing labs, non-GMO, money back guarantee

Cons:  Very high price, we still don’t have a lot of information on this company

Price Analysis: 

$69.99 for 750 MG

You pay about ten cents (a little over 9 cents) per MG of CBD

CBD Classification:  Full Spectrum THC Free

Order cbdMD CBD Gummies

Organic:  No/No The hemp comes from the US and is non-GMO and the ingredients are not.

Gluten-Free:  No

Vegetarian/Vegan:  Yes/Yes

Lab Testing on Website:  Yes

Cannabinoid Profile:  CBD and CBDV

Review Summary:

There are some things we love about the cbdMD company’s CBD gummies and some things we don’t.  

One of the major cons of the 750 milligram CBD gummies is the price.  At around nine cents per milligram of CBD, this is one of the most expensive CBD infused edibles we have tried.  

For example, if you were to make CBD oil at home a 750 milligram tincture could be used at around the $40 dollar mark.  At this rate you would be saving more than $30 on a monthly supply if you were to just craft edibles in your kitchen and use a cheaper tincture.  

Things that we do really like about these CBD gummies is that they come from a non-GMO farm and they are grown right here in the United States.  Non-GMO vegetables and fruits are a good step forward in protecting the genetics in the foods we eat. It also keeps farming from making their plants immune to harmful pesticides.  

These pesticides can be sprayed on plants, including cannabis.  The chemicals from these pesticides then stays on top of the cannabis you smoke or eat at home and could have adverse reactions.  

cbdMD also offers third party lab testing results right on their website.  Their online shop is easy to use when purchasing CBD edibles and they have free shipping on orders over $80. 

cbdMD also offers a %100 percent money back guarantee.  If you are unsatisfied with your CBD gummies you can simply ship them back to cbdMD for a refund.  Very few companies offer a guarantee so we really love this about cbdMD.

Order cbdMD CBD Gummies

Green Roads

Green Roads 300mg Fruit Bite – 30ct bottle

Overall Score:  5/10

Pros:  One of the biggest sources of CBD in the US, good taste, good for beginners

Cons:  Very very high price, small amount of CBD per serving

Price Analysis: 

$43.95 for 300 MG

Price warning!  You pay almost fourteen cents per milligram of CBD per container

CBD Classification:  THC Free – No other cannabinoids present

Organic:  No The hemp is not organic and the ingredients are not.

Gluten-Free:  No

Vegetarian/Vegan:  No/No

Lab Testing on Website:  Yes

Cannabinoid Profile:  CBD only

Review Summary:

Green Roads has been one of the fastest growing CBD companies in the country.  Their CBD infused gummies are expensive, but many people love the effects of Green Roads cannabis.  

Evio Labs is responsible for most of the testing done at Green Roads and they are a International Organization for Standards certified lab.  This means you can know the testing done at this lab has been approved by rigerious regulations and certified legally with the government.  

Some labs are very new and do not have this sort of high level paperwork.  Every CBD product you buy from Green Roads has a batch number that you can search for on their website to find up to date results on the exact product you are using.  

This could be especially helpful for those who have serious conditions and have to report regularly with a doctor.  Green Roads also tests for a variety of heavy metals and pesticides so you can be sure you aren’t getting something you don’t want.  

One of the major drawbacks of the Green Roads 300 MG CBD gummies is the price.  They are very expensive at over fourteen cents per milligram of CBD.  

The amount of CBD you get per gummy is also very low.  For people just starting out that want a trusted name and a good lab, Green Roads could be the way to go.  They are going to cost you almost double some of the other brands, but you can be assured these gummies are used successfully by thousands of cannabis users nationwide.  

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies 5-Count

Overall Score:  7/10

Pros:  For beginners, great for sampling CBD, good taste, very popular company

Cons:  Packaging looks like a kids treat, low total CBD per dollar spent

Price Analysis: 

$14.99 for 75 MG

Price warning!  You pay around twenty cents per milligram of CBD per container

CBD Classification:  THC Free – No other cannabinoids present

Organic:  No The hemp is not organic and the ingredients are not.

Gluten-Free:  No

Vegetarian/Vegan:  No/No

Lab Testing on Website:  Yes

Cannabinoid Profile:  CBD only

Review Summary:

Similar to Green Roads, Hemp Bombs is one of the biggest manufacturers of CBD in the US.  You can find Hemp Bombs in head shops, gas stations, and health markets around the country.

Many of their products make sampling CBD oil easy.  Their gummies for instance come in small packages that you can easily take with you on the go. 

All of the gummies and CBD oils created by Hemp Bombs are THC free.  They have no trace amounts of other cannabinoids in their testing results on their website.  

Some CBD gummies have a wider spectrum of cannabinoids such as CBN and CBC.  Unfortunately when searching the website lab results, Uphempo found that Hemp Bombs were unable to show any more compounds in their gummies other than CBD.

One of the main benefits of buying a small 75 milligram CBD package of gummies is that you are only invested $15.  Many gummies start out at around $35 and up just for starting amounts.  

This small little package could be great if you run out of CBD on the go or if you have never tried CBD before and don’t want to spend a ton of money.  Testing how CBD affects you in small amounts at first is the best way in our opinions to see how many milligrams will help you. You never want to spend money unnecessarily.  


JustCBD 500mg Jar of CBD 

Overall Score:  7/10

Pros:  Good price, third party lab testing, sour worms are hard to find

Cons:  Not a lot of information about the company, weak product description

Price Analysis:  

$40 for 500 MG

You pay about 8 cents per milligram of CBD per container

CBD Classification:  THC Free – No other cannabinoids present

Order JustCBD

Organic:  No The hemp is not organic and the ingredients are not.

Gluten-Free:  No

Vegetarian/Vegan:  No/No

Lab Testing on Website:  Yes

Cannabinoid Profile:  CBD only

Review Summary:

Have you ever been to your local CBD store and found sour gummy worms?

I have tried thousands of CBD products but never have I tried a CBD sour gummy worm to the likes of JustCBD 500 MG Sour Worms.  

JustCBD has many more variations of edibles than the other companies we review.  They have clear, regular, and sour options for people to try.  

The ingredients used in their gummies are not the highest quality.  JustCBD does not abide by any sort of vegan rules since they include gelatin to give the gummy it’s rubbery texture.  Like we said above, gelatin is derived from animal bones and is not vegetarian.

Because they use CBD isolate, JustCBD avoids most of the bad flavors you may experience in trying cannabis for your first time.  You will notice the gummies taste just like gummies you would buy at the local candy shop.

The price point is very good too with these gummies.  You are paying only eight cents per milligram of CBD so these CBD gummies could stand to be a good long term supply.  

Each jar of CBD sour worms hold about 40 gummies.  Now make sure you know this number is quoted by JustCBD to be approximate. That means there could be 40, less than 40, or more than 40 worms in each jar you buy.  

If you are someone who wants to have very precise dosing, these CBD gummies may not be the best option for you.  Each gummy is supposed to contain around 13 milligrams of CBD, but again this number is an approximation.  



CBDfx CBD Gummy Bears 300mg

Overall Score:  7/10

Pros:  Vegan, higher quality ingredients, hard not to love the company standards

Cons:  Very expensive, Not many flavor options

Price Analysis:  

$49.99 for 300 MG

You pay about 16 cents per milligram of CBD per container

CBD Classification:  THC Free – No other cannabinoids present

Organic:  Yes/No The hemp is organic and the ingredients are not.

Gluten-Free:  No

Vegetarian/Vegan:  Yes/Yes

Lab Testing on Website:  Yes

Cannabinoid Profile:  CBD only

Review Summary:

The CBDfx CBD Gummy Bears are a very interesting CBD infusion.  Rubbery edibles such as gummy bears and worms usually include gelatin to make everything stick together.  

The gelatin bonds with the sugar and water mixture to solidify rather than reduce the material into a sticky tar.  Unfortunately gelatin is not ok for vegetarians because it contains animals.  

In the case of the CBD Gummy Bears by CBDfx, pectin is used in place of the gelatin to make this a vegetarian as well as a vegan CBD gummy.  Pectin is a gelatin-like sugar derived from plants not from animals. This means if you are vegan, CBDfx has the right gummies for you!

CBDfx is careful to note over and over that their edibles are vegan, which shows their commitment to the principal.

CBDfx also chose not to include artificial colors which are present in almost every edible gummy we have found.  The artificial colors could be of low quality and are not recommended by Uphempo for long term use.  

Some of the top reviews on CBDfx’s website note the fact that this product really helps the consumer with anxiety issues.  We love gummies that help with anxiety as most medical marijuana patients we have spoken to have anxiety in addition to their other issues.  

Premium Jane

Premium Jane CBD Gummies – 750mg [25mg CBD per Gummy Bear]

Overall Score:  8/10

Pros:  Mostly Organic, Vegan / Vegetarian

Cons:  A little pricey, not many flavor or type options

Price Analysis:

$55.99 for 750 MG

Order Premium Jane (15% OFF!!)

You pay about seven cents per milligram of CBD per container

CBD Classification:  THC Free *but it does state it has less than .02% : So presumably they could contain enough THC to fail a standard drug test

Organic:  Yes/Mostly The hemp is organic and the ingredients are mostly organic.

Gluten-Free:  No

Vegetarian/Vegan:  Yes/Yes

Lab Testing on Website:  Yes

Cannabinoid Profile:  CBD only

Review Summary:

Premium Jane really hits it out of the park with their moderately priced CBD gummy.  

While lacking in flavor and shape variations, Premium Jane makes up for by giving you quality organic ingredients.  

These CBD gummies are safe for vegetarians and vegans who are looking for a CBD gummy without the presence of gelatin.  Unlike many of the other cannabis extraction companies that are creating CBD infused edibles, Premium Jane takes pride in keeping most of the additional ingredients organic.

Premium Jane says they harvest from a  non-GMO farm that is also organically grown without pesticides.  They provide detailed lab testing from a third party lab on their website below each product description.  

One of the main drawbacks is that there are not a lot of options when it comes to flavors.  Those looking for CBD gummy worms or sour patch kids will have to look elsewhere for the time being.  

Another disadvantage is that not only are these gummies THC free, they also do not have any other cannabinoid present on the lab result.  

In the results for the gummies we reviewed, the CBD lab test showed a ND or non-detectable amount of THC.   These gummies should not contain any THC, but on the website description of the CBD gummies it states there could be less than .2% THC.

.2% is enough to fail a standard drug test.  Be sure to always contact your employer before trying any CBD or cannabis infused products.  Lab results are only one way of making the right decision when it comes to drug testing.  

Order Premium Jane (15% OFF!!)

Sunday Scaries

Vegan CBD Gummies with Vitamins – 20 Gummies / 10 MG Of CBD Per Gummy

Overall Score:  5/10

Pros:  Clearly vegan, includes vitamins B12 and D3 which can help some people

Cons:  Very expensive, Kind of an offensive name for elderly / children

Price Analysis: 

$35.99 for 200 MG

You pay about eighteen cents per milligram of CBD per container

CBD Classification:  THC Free – ND on lab results

Organic:  Somewhat The hemp is organic and the ingredients are partially organic.

Gluten-Free:  No

Vegetarian/Vegan:  Yes/Yes

Lab Testing on Website:  Yes

Cannabinoid Profile:  CBD only

Review Summary:

Sunday Scaries was a CBD company that kept popping up on many people’s Google results around the office so we thought we would check them out to give a more in depth review of their CBD gummies.

Vegan gummies have become quite popular among cannabis patients for their higher quality ingredients.  Not only are these gummies better for the environment in some ways over the cattle industry reliant gelatin manufacturing processes. 

People using CBD gummies for everyday or medical uses may be concerned with other ingredients added in their products, especially meat based products which can cause complications.  

Sunday Scaries has a farm in Colorado which prides itself in not having and testing for any residual medals or any other contaminants which may hinder the quality of the hemp the are harvesting.  

In this particular case, the CBD oils taken from the hemp extraction process are added to the vegan gummy recipe.  Then vitamins are added to the batch in addition to everything else. Vitamin B12 and D3 are two of the vitamins you will find in these particular gummies we looked at.  

We also really liked that the owners of this company require their farms to not use any pesticides in the growing process.  While not necessary for a good grow, many farmers choose to use harmful pesticides when problems arise rather than dealing with the CBD hemp farms in a more responsible way.  We appload Sunday Scaries for creating a quality CBD gummy that abides by high standards.  

We mostly gave them a lower review because the price is one of the highest we have ever seen at Uphempo.  Even though Sunday Scaries has a subscription program for their CBD oils, the price is still very high. If we were to see this come down we might give them a much higher overall score.  

How to Choose Your CBD Gummies

Before you buy any CBD Gummies, you should follow the criteria listed below.

CBD Source

The first thing you should consider before purchasing a CBD gummy, would have to be where the CBD is coming from.

CBD isolates are the purest form of CBD. These contain no other cannabinoids, terpenes, or THC. While many people enjoy CBD isolates for those reasons, the end result usually isn’t as potent or beneficial as a Full Spectrum product. 

Products labeled Broad Spectrum CBD will normally contain a variety of cannabinoids, and terpenes, but generally won’t contain THC.

Full Spectrum products will contain cannabinoids from the entire cannabis plant, which includes THC. These products are generally the best for experiencing the “entourage effect”, meaning that when all of the cannabinoids and terpenes are working together, the effects can become more potent, and effective. 

When choosing a product we recommend going with a company that uses all natural organic Hemp grown in the United States. Hemp grown in the U.S. is regulated, and can only contain the limit of .3% THC.

If the product doesn’t state where their cannabis comes from, then we recommend that you steer clear.

CBD Ingredients 

CBD gummies are so much more than just CBD. Ingredients used in CBD gummies can vary widely. We recommend you pay close attention to added preservatives, and artificial ingredients.

If you are vegan or have food allergies, high fructose corn syrup may be an ingredient you want to avoid. Always look for products that are going to match your needs specifically. 

The best CBD gummies out there are made from non-GMO, organic ingredients, natural flavors, and real sugar. There are even CBD products containing vitamins and adaptogens. Adaptogens are herbal pharmaceuticals that can help to relieve stress in the body.

Two very popular additives are spirulina and turmeric. These two nutrient-rich superfoods have a variety of health benefits.

CBD Potency

If you haven’t noticed already, doses can vary widely from product to product, and this could have to do with the source of CBD. For instance, your 10 mg gummy of CBD isolate may not feel as potent as the 10 mg gummy of Full Spectrum gummy. 

If you aren’t quite sure what dose to start with, we recommend that you start low. The average starting dose is 5 mg, and you can increase your dose from there.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Since the FDA is dragging their feet on approving products, the quality of CBD varies. One of the most important things to look for in a product is whether or not they do third-party lab testing. 

Third-party lab testing is the best way to find out exactly what’s in a product, also it shows that the company delivers exactly what they say they do.

We dive deeper into this in our CBD Labels article.

Using CBD Gummies

CBD gummies come in different sizes, and their packages could contain anywhere from 10 to 100. Most companies dose each gummy around 5 mg, but you can find CBD gummies in doses upwards of 25mg. 

We recommend you start low and slow. If 5 mg is too much, you can always cut the gummy in half. Remember, it can take up to 2 hours for the CBD gummies to kick in. If you feel that you need more, you can always consume more to find your perfect dose.

CBD gummies can be taken daily, and even multiple times a day, but keep in mind, CBD edibles can last up to 6 hours. 

When storing your CBD gummies, make sure to keep them out of direct heat. We recommend a cool dark place. 

CBD Gummy Side Effects

CBD will not give you the feeling of euphoria, meaning that it’s not going to get you high. It’s generally safe, and the side effects are few and far between, though they can occur. Below is a short list of possible side effects you could experience taking CBD gummies.

  • Appetite changes
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Weight Gain/Loss

We always recommend speaking with your primary physician before taking any CBD products. CBD side effects can change from person to person, so make sure it’s right for you before making a purchase.

Final Thoughts

CBD could have health benefits, and for those looking to taste the fruits for the first time, CBD gummies can be a great option. 

The best gummies are made from organic hemp grown in the United States. Look for Full or Broad Spectrum gummies to get the most from the hemp plant and it’s variety of cannabinoids. 

Also, make sure that the CBD product is third-party lab tested. 

Remember to start your dose low, and take it slow when first trying CBD. There are many different factors that come into play, so you’ll have to do some experimenting. 

Also if you are taking medication, or you just aren’t sure if CBD gummies are right for you, please contact your doctor. Beyond that, make sure that you are taking products that are legal in your state or region. 

CBD derived from Hemp is federally legal as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC. If you are taking Marijuana derived CBD products, make sure you know your state laws.

I hope that this article has given you a better understanding about CBD gummies, and what you should look for in a quality product. 

If you have any questions about the products listed above, or any questions about CBD gummies in general, please leave us a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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