CBD Oil for Anxiety: A Beginners Guide

CBD oil interacts with different parts of the nervous system as well as the endocannabinoid system. Learn how CBD oil has helped others cope with anxiety and what CBD oil products may be right for you.

Millions of Americans suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder or (GAD). Every year, thousands of prescriptions are given out by health care professionals to help patients overcome severe anxiety and depression.

In order to live a normal life in society, people have resorted to taking drugs such as Benzodiazepines and Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, also known as SSRIs.

Studies show that these drugs can have serious long term side effects and strong interactions with alcohol and other drugs that can negatively effect one’s health.

People with anxiety often times feel the negative side effects of these drugs and look to cannabis for a safer alternative. A glass of wine taken with a prescription anxiety drug as an example, could easily double the cognitive ability of the pills in a negative way.

Millions of people take Xanex when taking commercial flights and traveling, but mix those with the wrong combination of alcohol and the user could find themselves dizzy or even black out unexpectedly.

Over the counter CBD is used by thousands if not millions of people around the world to improve overall health and specifically with anxiety issues.  And CBD oil side effects are almost non-existent.

Because our bodies respond more efficiently to mental health issues when we are in a state of homeostasis, the endocannabinoid system plays an important role when it comes to anxiety issues.

CBD and Anxiety: What Does Science Tell Us?

Studies show that cannabis works with both the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the human body. The CB1 receptors help to regulate our emotional well being as well as regulation of homeostasis and even help with pain.

Since CBD is a phytocannabinoid; meaning it is an external source of cannabinoids, it can help balance the health of our endocannabinoid system.

Our endocannabinoid system is comprised of cannabinoids created naturally by our bodies. When you think of endo you can think of internal. External sources such as CBD can help to balance this system.

Also, a study showed that endocannabinoid 2-AG could potentially be responsible for regulation of our mental clarity. When CBD and other cannabinoids are introduced into the system via inhalation or orally, some patients report strong anxiety reduction at many of the clinics I’ve managed.

CBD oil can help interact with various systems in our body in efforts to help bring us to a state of homeostasis and better brain health. Because CBD does not have the strong psychoactive effects that THC can have on the mind, many people feel more comfortable when taking CBD for anxiety.

If you would like some information on the difference between THC and CBD, check out our Uphempo article here.

Sometimes THC can actually increase anxiety. The psychoactive effects can potentially increase the users awareness and make them more prone to dizziness and hyperventilation.

Quick example, I generally do not recommend taking it if patients ask me what to take when they are feeling very anxious.

When taking cannabis during a panic attack, for example, the user may find themselves even more panicked after ingesting it than before they took the cannabis. Your body could start to shorten the breathing cycle causing the person to faint.

Lack of oxygen to the brain can have serious repercussions, so always make sure to be safe and ask your doctor if taking CBD for anxiety is right health choice for you.

CBD products over the counter are not allowed to be sold with more than .03% THC. This is a very low amount of it and typically not even enough for the consumer to feel the mental effects.

Introducing cannabinoids from external sources, in a new study scientists have found patients reporting therapeutic value when it comes to anxiety and a number of other brain related issues.

The central nervous system helps our mind reduce anxiety and gain clarity. The endocannabinoid system interacts with the central nervous system as well.

CBD Products for Anxiety 

Since everyone is different, one glove doesn’t fit all when it comes to anxiety. Generalized anxiety disorder can have very serious problems in day to day life functioning.

Adults with kids are especially prone to anxiety since they have so many people to watch and keep healthy.

It is important to note here that the FDA has warned companies about claiming that CBD products can help treat an illness, such as GAD or Alzheimer’s. We are not suggesting that CBD be used to replace a doctor-prescribed medication. Always seek the advice of a medical professional.

Edibles for Anxiety

Some people enjoy the ease of taking edible CBD products such as gummies or candy. The sugary flavor of the gummies are generally liked by most people and it is easy to know exactly how much CBD you are getting in each treat.

During a panic attack, it can be difficult to measure something correctly. Popping a few gummy bears in your mouth can be a simple way to give you the CBD you need.

The only problem with taking CBD in edible form is the fact that it will generally take longer to hit your system with more serotonin. The candy goes straight to the stomach rather than directly into the bloodstream.

When you are taking something that sits in the belly, it can also absorb into the food you already have inside. After finishing a large meal with meat and carbs such as bread, you may notice the edible you take right after does not give you any results for a long time.

If you are on an empty stomach, you might find the edible taking effect a lot sooner. This delayed medication approach can make finding your right dose tricky.

Tinctures for Anxiety

CBD Tinctures on the other hand, when taken sublingually, may take effect much sooner than pills or candy. Sublingual administration is the application of medicine in the mouth under the tongue.

The medication is absorbed through the light tissue under the muscle and proceeds to enter the bloodstream. Have you ever been to the hospital for nausea issues?

Medication given to patients suffering from strong nausea is a mouth dissolvable pill. Because you cannot swallow anything without getting sick and throwing up, the dissolved pill will enter the bloodstream through the mouth tissues.

Tobacco users chew tobaccos because the mouth is a mucus membrane. The chemicals and nicotine inside of the tobacco are absorbed through the soft tissue in the side of the cheek.

CBD can be administered through the sides of the cheek as well, but right under the tongue has shown to absorb and deliver serotonin faster.

Tinctures come in many forms. We discuss this in great detail in our published edibles article.

One of the most important things when analyzing tincture is the base. The base typically comes in an oil or an alcohol.

Some tinctures also use other products such as propylene glycol. CBD tincture in the oil form with an oil base is our most recommended product for anxiety.

Pure CBD oil in hemp oil is a great source if you want the most pure form of the cannabinoid. With hemp oil as a base, you don’t have to worry about other things getting in the way of your medication.

Hemp oil is generally liked by people if they are used to grassy things such as green juices and smoothies. Other people actually like the unique flavor on its own.

If you do not like the flavor of hemp you might want to look to other means. Coconut oil for instance is a common oil used instead of hemp.

Coconut oil is easy for many people to consume. They even use it in cannabis infused massages!

Full Spectrum CBD for Anxiety

Full Spectrum CBD oil contains THC. In full spectrum cannabidiol CBD oil, you get the added benefit of THC in your product.

Many people love the relaxing feeling of THC when it comes to treating anxiety. Unfortunately, right now the government in the US only allows .3% of it in hemp products sold over the counter.

This is a very small amount and typically will not be noticed by the consumer. A 1:4 ratio of THC to CBD as an example, is one that is commonly given to medical marijuana patients around the country.

When buying a CBD oil product at a store that is federally hemp, this ratio would be significantly smaller.

We recommend getting a full spectrum tincture if you do not have to take a drug test at work. Some employers allow for THC in their employees systems, but many do not.

THC Free Products for Anxiety

THC free tincture usually has the best flavor out of all the tincture bases. Cannabis free tinctures are designed for people who do not want this or maybe are not allowed to consume it.

Do you have a job that is not cannabis friendly but want to take CBD to address health reasons?

Try the THC free tinctures. They can be a positive anxiety issues tool. Sometimes people do not even need the benefits of it to get the calming results they want from cannabis oil.

Cannabis free tinctures are usually cut with some sort of flavoring. These can be terpenes from the cannabis plant. They can also be derived from other plants such as fruits and vegetables. Essential oils flavor some tinctures as well.

Check your local CBD store to see if they will give you a sample. Most places will offer samples to try and see if consumers like the flavor.

One tincture may just taste like a light olive oil, others may have a very sweet flavor like a strong sour candy. Other tinctures have almost no flavor at all.

Since CBD tinctures can be very costly, we suggest trying before buying. Most companies have smaller versions of their most popular tinctures.

A 500 milligram tincture or less should cost less than $35. Test tinctures can be as cheap as five or ten dollars.

Vaporizing Your Anxiety Away

Vaporization is another method for combating anxiety. CBD can be taken in through the lungs and this has helped many people cope with GAD.

CBD vaporizers come in various forms. Some have a battery that connects to a cartridge. This is the most popular form.

The battery is charged by the user and the cartridge is pre-filled with CBD oil. Inside of the cartridge lies a small heating coil or coils.

Some brands use cheap coils made with bad material that breaks quickly. Others have started to use better coils such as those combined with ceramic.

Make sure to check the technology of you cartridge before purchasing. A bad cartridge can go bad after only a few uses or lead the person to overcook their oil.

The amount of oil can range from 250 milligrams to 1000 milligrams or more. 500 milligrams of CBD is a good place to start. This amount will usually last several weeks for the light consumer.

Vaporization of CBD is a touchy subject when it comes to anxiety. When most people are anxious, their breathing can be greatly diminished.

Short breaths can eventually lead the person to faint. Therefore inhaling something that takes away your much needed oxygen could be potentially dangerous. You could also increase the anxiety by lack of oxygen to the brain.

With all the dangers put aside, inhaling CBD could also be a great way to deal with your anxiety. Some people love the instant effect CBD can have when inhaling the vapor. A few seconds in the lungs and most of the medicine is absorbed into the human body.

People also like the oral fixation the CBD vaporization pens can offer. Hiding behind a pen when you are anxious can be very helpful for dodging public situations.

A small puff could get you back in motion again and feeling good and keep you away from unwanted conversations.

Make sure to try just a tiny bit of CBD vaporization for your first couple of times at least. The vapor can come out of the batteries very hot.

Sometimes the vapor can even burn the back of your throat. Take very light puffs at first, even lighter than you would on a cigarette.

Some batteries have the ability to adjust the heat settings. These are called variable voltage batteries. These can be helpful to those looking to get a clean flavorful vapor.

Since you do not get to absorb much medication when it comes to vaporization, we recommend trying some of the other CBD products as a long term solution.

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil for Anxiety

There have been many studies conducted that show that introducing phytocannabinoids into our systems has shown to greatly affect the way we function in our day to day lives and improve our health.

CBD is a great option for people with anxiety disorders because it has shown to have much less side effects than many of the prescription medications.

CBD has helped many people I have met over the years cope with anxiety issues.  That said, always, always seek medical advice from a medical professional if you are suffering from GAD.

The endocannabinoid system we have in our bodies produce cannabinoids to regulate our moods. CBD can simply change the mindset just enough that you are able to go about your day happy.

A big test or interview can be frightening and really heighten anxious feelings. Getting the right cannabis product in your system could be your solution to cope with this disorder. For those looking for the best long term options, try CBD full spectrum tincture  with no added oils or flavor.

Cannabis free options are great too if you cannot have this. You may want to try vaporization as well but this is seen as a more advanced technique or for those who have previously smoked in their lives.

Remember, CBD oil products have not been approved by the FDA in treating a disease so remember, if you are suffering with GAD, it is important to always consult the advice of a medical professional.

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