CBD Oil Tincture Reviews 2020

CBD Tincture is a term that is quite popular in the CBD community, but what is it, and what does it mean? This list of our CBD Oil Tincture Reviews, we’ll do our absolute best to explain the ins and outs of  the best CBD Oil Tincture products of 2020, and hopefully empower you to make a confident decision when choosing the perfect CBD Oil.

CBD Oil Tincture Reviews

We created a list of our favorite CBD oil tincture companies for 2020. Click here to learn how we review our products.

Transcend Labs

1,000 MG Full Spectrum Tincture

Overall Score: 9/10

Transcend Labs really does a great job here with their CBD oils and tincture. Also, they have a great hemp extraction facility. Transcend Labs have a commitment to organic hemp which not many others claim.

Transcend also has free shipping on orders over $75 and package discreetly. The flavor of the hemp oil is really easy to take in for people who don’t like the taste of the cannabis plant.

Price: $64.99 for 1,000 MG


(0.07 USD per 1 MG CBD)

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Cannabinoid Profile Example:

Currently Transcend Labs does not have any sample lab reports on their website. They do say the full spectrum CBD oil is lab tested. We are in the process of contacting Transcend Labs to see if we can get our hands on some so please stay tuned.

Updated: COA from Transcend Labs – Full Spectrum Tincture

We were unable to find any data on terpenes in their hemp extract as they seem to have limited business hours.


Transcend Labs really blows the other companies out of the water here by providing an organic CBD oil that never uses pesticides in their growing stages. They also say that they use no herbicides in their hemp, which is very rare to hear from a grower.

They use no chemical fertilizers and no solvents in their extraction process. This means they use some sort of water based or c02 extraction to insure you don’t have weird chemicals interfering with the cannabinoids.

Product Review:

1,000 MG Full Spectrum Tincture

Transcend Labs makes an amazing full spectrum CBD oil tincture we know you’ll love. They call it their premium tincture and best overall seller. It’s designed to give you a large cannabinoid profile with a blend of various flavonoids and terpenes.

One great thing we LOVE about this product is that it is also organic and non-gmo. At least Transcend Labs claims their products are all made from organic hemp. Of course these tinctures are full spectrum CBD oil so you know you will get the most out of the plant.

Transcend also states that all of their products are full spectrum. We were not able to confirm this with customer service. Did you know extracted CBD oil can be used on the skin?

Transcend Labs tinctures, salves, and gummies are all made with full spectrum CBD oil. They do not sell vape supplies. Many other companies just used isolated versions in their topicals.

Some people put drops on areas of the body to ensure skin wellness. Topicals sourced from brand name companies usually have better satisfaction among consumers in our experience.

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Green Roads CBD Oil

250 mg  Broad Spectrum Tincture

Overall Score:


Green Roads is an award winning CBD oil company that has been one of the top producing CBD companies in the past year.  They have a wide selection of products from CBD gummies to CBD tinctures. The Green Roads CBD products can be found in more than 10,000 retail stores across the US.  

Green Roads was founded in 2012 by a licensed compound pharmacist named Laura Baldwin to help patients and friends with CBD issues.  Green Roads has since melded into one of the most lucrative privately owned CBD companies in the US. Their large selection of CBD products include both full spectrum cbs oils as well as broad spectrum CBD oils.  


$42.95 for 250 MG CBD


(0.17 USD per 1 MG CBD)

Cannabinoid Profile Example:

Green Roads does a great job at providing detailed CBD oil lab reports at the bottom of each tincture page.  The batch we are shown in this example is the most recent CBD oil lab result stemming from the date 5-13-19 is a bit old, but they produce in such high volume we find this CBD oil lab result to be understandable.  

Companies such as Green Roads who produce full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oils typically produce in high volume batches which are all tested at one time.

It’s important for the CBD oil customer to pay attention to when companies test their cannabis products to make sure the product you are getting has accurate results.  Sometimes a company will just post one test for their CBD oils and then not post another lab result for a long time.  

Green Roads most likely tests hundreds of gallons of CBD oil at once, so it will take several months before a new test may be posted on their website.  

For the 250 MG broad spectrum CBD Oil Uphempo has reviewed, the only cannabinoid we have found on the lab result is CBD.  

We were hoping to get a wider profile in this CBD oil lab sample, but unfortunately CBD is the only cannabinoid shown.  


Green Roads uses the company Envio Labs to test their CBD oil products and edible cannabis.  This lab tests for cannabinoids as well as pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and more. The following pesticides are shown in the lab results for Green Roads 250 MG broad spectrum CBD oil tincture:  

Pesticides – Passed 

Microbial – Passed 

Mycotoxins – Passed 

Heavy Metals – Passed 

TerpenesTested Residual-Solvents – Passed

Product Review:

CBD Oil – 250 mg  Broad Spectrum Tincture  

Green Roads 250 MG Broad Spectrum Tincture is one of the more popular CBD oil products on the market.  This product is mostly meant for people who are looking for either a low dose CBD oil tincture or perhaps a good starting test tincture to try out the Green Roads brand.

Broad spectrum means that there is no THC in this CBD oil but there could be the ability to have other cannabinoids.  If you notice from the testing result section above, Green Roads was only able to extract CBD and no other cannabinoids are present.

At Uphempo we typically like to see more than just CBD in the CBD oil tinctures we review.  More cannabinoids mean more compounds you are extracting out of the cannabis plant.  

Taste is one thing we’ve noticed we really like about the products from Green Roads.  They usually infuse their CBD oils with terpenes from cannabis as well as other fruits and herbs.  Terpenes can really cut the edge off of the strong cannabis flavor. Some people do not like the taste of cannabis oil so this could be a good tincture to try.  

In this 250 MG broad spectrum tincture you are dosed at 17 MG of CBD oil per one dropper full of tincture. 17 MG of CBD is regarded as a medium to low dose.  If you want to be safe you can always start at around 7 MG or one half of a dropper.  

7 MG of CBD is a good starting point for those who have never tried CBD before or for people who notice the effects of small amounts of CBD oil.  If you are getting the positive results you desire from a lower amount of CBD oil, this can be a great way to save money.

The main drawback of Green Roads is the high price.  The cost per MG of CBD is much higher than a lot of brands that we review at Uphempo.  For long term use, you may want to check out getting higher concentration CBD oil tinctures from Green Roads to save money rather than buying the 250 MG CBD oil tinctures.  


3000 MG Berry Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture

Overall Score:


cbdMD is a company that claims to have high standards when it comes to their CBD oils, lotions, and edible hemp candies.  

All of their hemp is grown in the US, and cbdMD spent months going around the world to find the most ideal conditions for growing cannabis.  Using the latest technologies in their growing process, they are able to obtain consistent CBD levels.  

cbdMD is a large CBD manufacture and extractor.  Many patients may see their commercials on television programs nationwide.  Large companies based out of the US with good marketing are usually a safe place to buy your CBD oils.  Tinctures from cbdMD are all tested for cannabinoids as well as pesticides. 


$149.99 for 3,000 MG of CBD


(0.05 USD per 1 MG of CBD)

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Cannabinoid Profile Example:

The 3,000 MG CBD oil tincture from CbdMD is third party lab tested.  The company here is based out of the US and goes by the name sclabs.  

Sclabs has a very nice four page certificate of analysis called a “Hemp Laboratory Test” that goes over many aspects of testing for this CBD tincture.  

In this 3,000 MG berry tincture, THC is “not detected”.  Not detected means that there is less than 0.3% total THC in the entire tincture.  One should be careful of taking cbdMD because their testing for THC and cannabinoids could still contain trace amounts of THC even though they may say it is THC free.  

If you have to take a drug test for work or other reasons, you may want to avoid these cbdMD tinctures until new testing results emerge.  

One thing we really do like about the fact that cbMD brings in other cannabinoids with their extraction process is the inclusion of compounds such as CBV, CBG, and CBN.  

Many hemp extractors and growers are using CBN for example in some of their sleep tinctures.  CBN has been shown by certain studies to interact with the way humans sleep.  

Seeing other cannabinoids in testing results may be a good indicator that the CBD hemp plants are being grown in good conditions.  The strain for example could have a nice wide balance of cannabinoids that could be beneficial to some people.

The cannabinoid profile for this sample (cbdMD Tincture 30 mL Berry 3000 mg taken on 12/19/19 : Batch number 616165) contains:

10.9% Total CBD

0.028% CBV

0.041% CBG

0.015% CBN

11.0% Total Cannabinoids

Terpenes are NOT tested for


cbdMD also uses Sclabs to test their CBD oils for pesticides.  Over 60 pesticides are found just on this one report for the 3000 MG CBD oil tincture.   This test shows no pesticides detectible.  

Mycotoxin – Non detectable

Residual Solvent – Non detectable

Microbiological –  Non detectable

Heavy Metal –  Non detectable

Water Activity (We are not sure what this means exactly) – Non detectable

Product Review:

3000 MG Berry Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture

cbdMD’s 3000 MG Broad Spectrum Tincture in the berry flavor is a great tincture for those looking for longer term CBD options.  We decided to include cbdMD because they have such a wide audience base across the US.

CBD tinctures and salves from cbdMD are all derived from quality US grown hemp.  All of their testing and manufacturing is also done within the US. They have a really nice lab results page underneath every product they sell. 

The 3000 MG tincture stood out to use because first of all is it only five cents per MG of CBD.  This is way cheaper than the seventeen cents per MG we reviewed from the Green Roads CBD extractors.

Also as we mentioned in our lab testing results above, cbdMD’s CBD oils are packed with other cannabinoids.  CBN and CBG for example are both used across the US by medical marijuana patients for sleep and pain. THC is also found in these oils below the US government’s threshold of .3% THC per batch.     

THC can be shown to interact with the body in small amounts.  You may find a small benefit from having a bit of THC mixed into your CBD oils so be sure to experiment.  People should not take these tinctures if they have to pass drug screening tests.  

The berry flavor in this CBD oil example could be very easy for the user to ingest since it masks the taste of the cannabis plant.   People should find this tincture to taste more like candy than medicine.  

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Hemp Bombs

300 MG CBD oil tincture

Overall Score:


Hemp Bombs are one of the largest CBD companies in the US.  Their industrial hemp grow facilities are widely known for creating gummies and tinctures.    

Hemp Bombs claims to strive to help people achieve comfort and balance in their lives.  Not much more is said about the company on their website which is why we ranked them lower than some of the other CBD oil brands.  

The 300 MG CBD oil tincture is one of Hemp Bombs more popular products.  The main issue is that the tincture is very expensive. Actually all of Hemp Bombs tinctures are on the high end as far as price goes.  This lower five out of ten rating is for the missing information Uphempo would love to see on the hemp producers website.


$49.99 for 300 MG CBD


0.16 USD per 1 MG of CBD

Cannabinoid Profile Example:

Order number 45420

Date 1/3/2020

Batch HKPE4

Third party lab testing for the CBD oils created by Hemp Bombs are conducted by Green Scientific Labs.  This CBD oil testing lab is based out of Tampa Florida.  

In the lab results for the 300 MG CBD oil tincture, Hemp Bombs provides a one page PDF of the cannabinoids test. One good aspect is that the tincture was tested recently so we do give Hemp Bombs bonus points for this. 

The only problem is that for such a big company, they have one of the least impressive testing results from their CBD oil testing labs.  

Also one other thing we don’t like is that the only cannabinoid found in the 300 MG CBD oil tincture is CBD.  

Other cannabinoids we love such as THCV or common sleep aid cannabinoids such as CBN are not found.  

Overall the 300 MG CBD oil bottle contains 310.0 MG of CBD.  This is great because you get an additional 10 MG of CBD oil in this bottle.  Apparently in this case Hemp Bombs gives you more CBD than you pay for. Even though you do make up for it by paying a much higher dollar per MG of CBD.

THC is shown as being undetectable in this lab result.  Since no other cannabinoids are shown as detectable we do not have them listed here in this report.  We can tell you that the lab does test for many different common cannabinoids but not all of the known ones.


No results given

We were unable to find any information on Hemp Bombs’ website about pesticides.  This worries us at Uphempo. Usually pesticides are shown right in the first or second page of the testing results.   

A small one page test result without pesticide information is not enough for serious users or anyone in general.    

It is very important to have information regarding the types of pesticides used in the hemp manufacturing process.  Growers of cannabis can cut corners by using pesticides when they grow hemp.  

A poison spread on the outside of the plant can kill a bug but it can also stay right on the plant where it is sprayed.  When you then vape the raw form of this plant you are also vaping the poison that is meant to kill bugs. Terrible reactions from poisons used on plants can hurt the unknowing user in many ways.  

Product Review:

300 MG CBD oil tincture

The 300 MG CBD oil tincture is one we were debating on reviewing.  The main reason we held off on reviewing this product is because of the inadequate third party testing.  

The lab Hemp Bombs uses to report on their 300 MG CBD oil tincture does not show what pesticides are in the tincture. Also there is no information on heavy metals or mycotoxins that other labs provide.

There are many different CBD oil companies out there and Hemp Bombs is one of the more widely known in the US.  For this reason we decided to include it in our CBD tincture review, but we can not say we recommend it for everyone.

The tincture is very expensive and the packaging looks more like it should contain some sort of kids candy rather than medicine.   The CBD MG to dollar is also extremely high, and they do not even claim to be organic. It is nice to note that the CBD oil farms are all located in the United States.

If someone were to use this CBD oil every day, they would be paying almost triple the cost of some other CBD oil companies.  It may be much better to try out another cheaper company if you are just starting out with CBD oil.

We do know though some people love Hemp Bombs.  Many of their products do have a pretty good flavor and this tincture basically tastes like candy.  You do not get a strong cannabis flavor from this Hemp Bombs CBD oil.

The oil is supposedly THC free.  If you look at the fine print on the website you will notice that Hemp Bombs products could contain up to the US government’s recommended 0.3% THC threshold overall in the batch.  

Joy Organics

CBD Oil Tinctures 450 MG

Overall Score:


Joy Organics does a wonderful job here with their CBD oil tinctures.  They have a commitment to organic practices in their farms as well. This is especially important to Uphempo.  Organic products are usually higher quality than no organic products.  

Think about vegetables at the grocery store.  Organic vegetables are often much more expensive than non organic vegetables.  This is because they are grown with more care and with less poison added in cultivation than other conventional plants.  They are also more sustainable for the overall health of the world.



$32.37 for 450 MG CBD oil tincture


0.07 USD per 1 MG CBD

Cannabinoid Profile Example:

Batch number TNAT250-388

Date 2/8/2020

Joy Organics runs all of their CBD oil products through a third party cannabis lab testing facility.  The name of this company is Phytatech Metrics and Solutions. There is a very nice layout of all of the cannabinoids Phytatech tests for in this batch.  

Unfortunately Joy Organics does not have any other cannabinoids than CBD in their 450 MG CBD oil tincture.  

This hemp testing lab does test for CBG, THCV, CBN, and many others.  This is a good sign because in the future if Joy Organics does have hemp strain that produce a wider variety of cannabinoids it will be easy for the consumer to find.   

Right now all other cannabinoids in their CBD oil products have a NR or ND next to their name.  This means that no cannabinoids are detected by this particular test.  


Joy Organics does test for Microbial toxins.  In the case of the 450 MG tincture results above there are no detectable microbials.  STEC as well as Salmonella were not found by the third party lab.  

Yeasts and Molds were also tested for but nothing was found.  

There were also over ten different pesticides tested for in this CBD tincture.  Joy Organics passed all the results for these pesticides.  

Heavy metals were also tested and the results are shown in the lab’s PDF.  Lead and Mercury for instance are tested and ND is next to all of the products from Joy.  ND means non detectable. Arsenic and Cadmium also showed as being non existent in the CBD oils we reviewed.  

Product Review:

Joy Organics has a great product line and we just love their CBD oils.  Their 450 MG CBD tincture is on sale right now for almost 40% off, so not only do you get a great product, but you also get it at a great price.  

Joy Organics was a family founded business by people who used hemp oil themselves to aid with health problems.  The co-founder Todd Smith has over 28 years with metabolic health clients.  

He is also a world renowned speaker and author of many publications.  His son heads the marketing department of the company and they now boast to house over sixty employees.

This 450 MG CBD oil tincture is a great oil for those looking to save money and try something from a quality organic family run operation.  You don’t have to worry about supporting a large CBD company who may have lost touch with the quality aspect of their extraction.  

Joy Organics also has a very nice website that is easy to use.  They offer free shipping and great discounts. Also their products are very reasonably priced.  They have many flavors to choose from and many cool ideas. They have clean products that really have nice labeling as well so these could be really good birthday gifts or stocking stuffers during the holidays.  

If you know someone who loves to buy organic food, Joy Organics 450 MG CBD oil tincture could be a great place to start.  They taste really good and have organic printed right on the logo.  

Family run businesses are great to see online especially when it comes to CBD.  The consumer is better able to trust that the people who created their CBD oil really have stake in the company and believe in helping other people.

CBD Pure

CBD Pure Hemp Oil 600

Overall Score:


There are a lot of great things you could say about CBD Pure.  They have a clean and effective website. They rank around the medium mark for price with their 600 MG CBD oils.  They also claim to have organic CBD farms.  

Having an organic farm is very important to those with serious health conditions. This way they know they are getting a high quality and clean CBD oil.  

CBD Pure does not add much to these tinctures making them one of the most pure products on the market.  Many CBD extractors love to add essential oils to their CBD tinctures. Others add vitamins and common oils such as coconut oil.  Some people desire just to have the clean cannabis plant when ingesting for the first time.  


$54.99 for CBD Pure Hemp Oil 600 MG

Order CBD Pure


0.09 USD per 1 MG of CBD

Cannabinoid Profile:

Batch 51910

Date 10/23/2019

Trace Analytics is responsible for the testing of Nutra Pure LLC’s CBD oil tinctures.  This lab is based out of Vancouver, Washington. We like to see testing results for cannabis coming out of the Northwest portion of the US because the medical marijuana industry has already prepped labs to test for cannabinoids such as CBD.  

These labs in Washington have much more experience as opposed to those in states where medical marijuana never passed legislation.  

This particular cannabis testing lab does not show any other cannabinoids present in this tincture rather than CBD.  CBC, CBG, and THCV are also tested for but there were no detectable lab results.  

THC numbers are so low they also show as non detectable in the lab analysis.  


Trace Analytics does test for pesticides and microbials.  Since CBD Pure says that they are operating organic hemp farms, these pesticides should not be a major problem.  

In the microbial section, Trace found no detectable results for E. Coli and Salmonella.  

Pesticide testing in their CBD oil was much more in depth.  They tested for over twelve known pesticides and found that none were detectable.  This is great for Uphempo staff to see both pesticides and microbial testing in the same lab report.  This could ensure a much more proper identification of what is in your CBD oil.  

Heavy Metals are also tested for by Trace.   They found no Lead or Cadmium. Arsenic and Mercury were also not found in the CBD oil tincture.  

Product Review:

CBD Pure Hemp Oil 600

One thing we love about CBD Pure is that they have a commitment to organic farming. Organics are one of the best ways you can know your CBD oil is quality.  When you have a quality and clean farm you ensure the most quality and clean cannabis oils.  

This 600 MG oil is great for new people and veterans of the CBD world.  You are dosed out at a nice 20 MG serving per dropper. Personally I love 20 MG as a serving.  Usually I take ten to twenty milligrams of cbd infused oils or pure oil every morning for anxiety.  

Knowing that a full dropper is 20 MG of CBD, I can simply cut that in half if I want to get my 10 MG of CBD.   

CBD Pure is also like they say “pure”.  It is a simple and straightforward oil with no gimmicks or fillers.   Many people like to isolate the amount of things they introduce to their system to see how they react to just pure medicine.  CBD Pure could be a great company for you if you want a very pure cannabis oil.  

The only issue is that with the lack of essential oils, this CBD oil does taste like the marijuana plant.  You may notice the sharp or spicy flavor of the cannabis plant. Many people do not like this flavor at all.  Some people do not like the smell of cannabis, especially before work.  

Overall we love the simple nature of this CBD oil and the fact it is organic.  The company seems to have quality and ethics in mind when creating their tinctures.

Order CBD Pure

Lazarus Naturals

High Potency Full Spectrum CBD Tincture (Best price per MG of CBD)

Overall Score: 8/10

We really enjoyed our experiences with Lazarus Naturals CBD which is why we give it a 8/10.

They have an excellent price point for CBD and many customers have reported to us the positive effects their products have on the user.

Price: $32 – $200


(.036 USD per 1 MG of CBD)

Cannabinoid Content Example:

Full Spectrum (Contains THC)

*Serving size is 1ML – Results for CBD hemp oil content given below are for one serving of their 3000mg high potency green labeled tincture. -December 2019

CBD: 54.8mg

THC (d9-THC + d8-THC): 1.96mg

CBG: 1.33mg

CBN: 0.13mg

CBC 2.33mg

We were unable to find any data from customer service on specific terpenes in their hemp extract. We did email them to get a verified support analysis. Our experience is that they typically respond fast with helpful knowledge.


*Lazarus Naturals also includes third-party lab testing pesticide results for their CBD oils. According to their website, Lazarus tests for 59 different pesticides and conclude that their test has found none in their oil. We really like the fact that they make point to note how many pesticides they are testing for in their hemp seed oil and hemp plant oil.

Product Review:

High Potency Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

One of the most popular products we’ve sold at various CBD stores are the unflavored green full spectrum CBD tincture bottle provided by LazarusNaturals.

I personally sold tons of CBD oils from Lazarus. Even in the 750ML size these tinctures contain potent CBD at an affordable price. Thousands of people have given Lazarus Naturals positive product reviews.

The effects of CBD oil in their tinctures were given to many children with seizures at my dispensary in Pittsburgh. Chronic pain was one thing I used Lazarus for during my snowboarding runs.

The CBD content in their full-spectrum CBD oil is fantastic when compared to more expensive brands for the price. We marked Lazarus as LOW in the price review. This green tincture is regarded as one of the best deals as it is one of the best price per milligram of CBD oil.

I knew many people at my dispensary that used Lazarus for anti-inflammatory reasons as well.

One of the largest CBD hemp extract companies in the Pacific Northwest. Lazarus Naturals has many great full spectrum CBD oils. They make these CBD hemp oil bottles using co2 extraction. Customer service with Lazarus is decent, but not the best.

They offer lifetime 60% discounts to veterans, individuals on long-term disability and low-income households, as well as donating product to worthy organizations nationwide. Products made by Lazarus Naturals contain CBD oil extract and not hemp oil.

Most (besides the balm are considered vegan). All of their CBD oils are also gluten-free and contain no artificial preservatives. The cost is very good and the company is heavily reviewed.

One of the more affordable CBD oil manufacturers. Orally, this oil was used by pediatrics at our stores for sale in Pennsylvania. Some patients found the oil to be good for reducing seizures. Good customer service really helps to promote consistency.

Charlottes Web CBD


Overall Score: 8/10

This is by far one of Uphempo’s favorite and most trusted CBD company. I personally have witnessed hundreds of patients buy Charlotte’s Web products over and over again to great results. The customer reviews have been excellent.

Price: (30 ML – $149.99) (100 ML – $274.99)  

HIGH (0.10 USD per 1 MG of CBD)

*Right now Charlotte’s Web is offering %15 off during a limited period.

Cannabinoid Content Example:

Full Spectrum (Contains THC)

Here is a link to a current third-party testing pdf from one of the mint CBD oil tincture bottles dated from the 2019 winter.

You can see from this link the tincture contains:

THC CBD , CBC, CBN, and many more

We were unable to find any data on terpenes in their full spectrum hemp extracts.


The test results show their hemp plant extract must pass a pesticide test.  This full spectrum hemp product of course passed.

Product Review:


One of our top sellers and all time favorite products is Charlotte’s Web ORIGINAL FORMULA CBD OIL – 50MG CBD/ML extract. This great CBD oil comes in two sizes 100ML and 30ML.  For people wanting a tincture that will last them weeks or even months, this tincture is a great option.

Forget going to the store every couple of weeks to get a new supply of CBD!  This tincture contains over 5000MG of CBD. At 20MG per day, which is a common medium-high dose, this would last you about 250 days.

The 100ML is pretty pricey though, leaving the user spending about $275 before tax and shipping for one bottle.

Charlotte’s Web also has a great selection of other products.  Their lotions are one of our customer’s favorites and some of the most effective we have found.   We will soon make a review of CBD tinctures so be sure to stay tuned for more updates at uphempo.com

Charlotte’s Web claims they donate 2% of all revenue to charitable organizations.  Also they are partnered with the Denver Urban Gardens (CO) whose “mission is to cultivate gardeners, grow food and nourish community, and the Rodale Institute NY.”

The company boasts they also only farm from sustainable farms.  At Uphempo, we love to save the environment whenever possible so this is massively positive for us. The CBD extraction process can be complicated by pesticides and chemical additives.

Be sure to check the back of every product from Charlotte’s Web as the base oil and additives drastically change.  Some key notes:

  • Charlotte’s Web only has full spectrum THC free products
  • Coconut (MCT oil and others), hemp, and olive oils are found in many as a base

The Name Charlotte’s Web

Did you know where the name Charlotte’s Web came from?  It all started years ago with a small child with serious medical conditions and two concerned parents.

At six years old, Charlotte Figi was suffering from hundreds of seizures a month.  She had exhausted most medical resources so her family turned to cannabis for help.  Since she was so young, her parents were worried about the negative effects of too many psychoactive compounds.  CBD oil seemed to be a safe alternative.

The parents turned their attention to the trusted growers, processors, and brothers the Stanley Brothers.  These pioneers in the CBD oil industry helped develop a strain that reduced Charlotte’s seizures significantly.  They helped the Charlotte Figi reduce her seizures from more than 200 a week to less than 5 a month.

Later on these brothers would name a company after her and soon their story spread across the world.  The popularity among this company is one of if not the greatest we have found at Uphempo. So many patients use their products they truly sell themselves.

Looking up reviews of Charlotte’s Web online will find you dozens of top ten articles with their CBD oil tinctures included.   Hemp-based companies as trusted as Charlotte’s Web are hard to find.


CBD Tincture Oil 500mg

Overall Score: 7/10

It’s not cheap, but this full spectrum CBD oil from CBDFX could really be a great product for you first time hemp consumers.

They market this CBD oil tincture specifically for those just starting out with CBD. It comes at a lower concentration than all of their other oils so you don’t have to worry about paying for too much CBD at one time.

Price: $59.99 for 500 MG 


(0.11 USD per 1 MG of CBD)

Cannabinoid Profile Example:

CBDFX actually has a test result link below the product description for their CBD full spectrum tincture.  While looking through the results of this test, Uphempo was able to isolate a couple cannabinoids to talk about.  There were only three cannabinoids that showed up on the test; CBD, CBDV and CBC.

CBC concentrations were generally small at about 2.7 mg for the entire bottle of their 500 MG CBD full spectrum oil.  CBD concentrations were a little over the 500 MG mark. So it seems the customer actually gets a bit more CBD oil than the bottle states.

We were unable to find any data on terpenes in their extracts.


The full spectrum CBD oil pesticide testing done by CBDFX is taken from a third party lab called CC Testing Labs in Northridge California.  This company tests for over 40 different pesticides. This lab was able to conclude that there are no detectable pesticides found in the CBDFX full spectrum CBD oil.  This is great because many companies do not show all of the pesticides they test for.

Product Review:

CBD Tincture Oil 500mg

While the price is pretty high compared to most brands, the organic full spectrum CBD oil provided by CBDFX is one of the better tinctures the customer can find on the market.  CBDFX products can be bought directly on their website which is where we found this tincture.

This CBD oil is made for people just starting out with CBD.  They keep it at a lower concentration at just 500 MG. 500 MG full spectrum CBD tinctures may be too small for those looking for a long term option.

The customer definitely will save a lot of money by eventually upgrading to their bigger 1000 MG CBD tinctures.

Given the higher price point, people will be happy to know that CBDFX does have a lot of premium features that other full spectrum CBD oil companies do not provide.  CBDFX has examples of testing right on their product page. These results get updated every couple of months.

Also CBDFX claims to be organic.  This company does not add anything controversial in their full spectrum CBD oil tinctures.  They just have natural hemp oil and coconut oil mixed together.

You do not find any flavorings or inorganic ingredients.  CBDFX promises they also do not add any cheap fillers. The full spectrum CBD oils are also labeled as vegan.  Another great addition is that the CBD oil is manufactured right here in the US.

Direct CBD Online: Green Lotus CBD

Green Lotus™ CBD Tincture Oil Orange

Overall Score: 7/10

Let’s clear things up, Direct CBD Online is not a manufacturer of full spectrum CBD oil.  Customer reviews are also non existent on some of their products including this Green Lotus CBD tincture oil orange flavor.

Green Lotus is actually a totally different company that supplies Direct CBD Online with wholesale tinctures for resale.  Here is a link to their company url: https://greenlotushemp.com/  You can also buy Green Lotus products directly from their own website.

Price:  $23.99 – $169.99 


(0.11 USD per 1 MG of CBD)

Cannabinoid Profile Example:

All of Green Lotus’ full spectrum CBD oil tinctures are third party lab tested.  Like some of the other companies, Green Lotus does a great job at showing example lab testing data right on their website for anyone to look up.

B and B Aesthetics Labs LLC is responsible for testing the CBD products Green Lotus creates.  This lab is located in Carrollton Texas.

CBD and THC are both found on this lab test.  Other phytocannabinoids are not noted on this test.  We are not sure if the lab does not test for other cannabinoids or if Green Lotus only tests for the two most popular shown above.

Green Lotus does state that detailed testing results for their hemp extract can be obtained by customers upon request.  Individuals looking for a better understanding of what specific cannabinoids are found in their Green Lotus products should contact the company with specific batch or lot numbers.

We were unable to find any data on terpenes in their extracts.


While the lab results do not show any testing done for pesticides, Green Lotus states on their company website that they pride themselves in not using any synthetic pesticides in their hemp growing process.

They state that all products are third party lab tested for not only cannabinoids and metals, but also the products are tested for pesticides.

Product Review:

Green Lotus™ CBD Tincture Oil Orange

We really love the company behind this premium full spectrum CBD oil tincture.  Green Lotus has a great website with tons of details about their hemp extract and growing operation.

Green Lotus’ CBD oils and tinctures are expensive.  Oil can be found around eleven cents USD per 1 MG of CBD which ranks them at one of the highest we’ve seen.  The products even get more expensive when you buy lower amounts, so be careful to check the labeling if buying in bulk.  MCT oil is also found in some tinctures.

The flavor of this tincture should be easy enough for anyone to handle.  Subtle orange notes are really the only thing you will taste when putting a drop directly under your tongue.

This CBD oil tincture is made from a certified organic hemp farm in Colorado.  The company has a huge commitment to quality products and provide all the testing and background information a customer could want.  They even provide more information about their CBD oil tinctures upon written request.

At Uphempo, we love companies that honor clean organic CBD oil.  Not only does organic hemp plants help you get the right medicine you need, but it also helps to keep animals and plants safe.

The only thing we wish we could see from Green Lotus is more cannabinoids on their testing result examples.  For full spectrum CBD oils, customers like to see a whole array of various cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant so they know exactly what health benefits they may find.

Customer service is also great at Green Lotus. They have a chat window with personnel waiting to answer any question you may have about their CBD oils.

How We Review CBD Oil Tinctures

We took the time to test and review each of these products based on our general criteria. Here’s the process we implement to review these products:

Overall score

The overall score we give each product is how we generally feel about the product and company overall when looking at each category. We rate this on a 1 to 10 scale with 10 being the best we can find and 1 being a bad product or company.

Price per MG of CBD

This section is extremely important for heavy and long term CBD users. We all want to save money right? Well how do you know if you are getting a good deal per milligram? CBD labeling can be considerably confusing and expensive for those looking to get the right product at the right price.

We try to take out the hassle of figuring this out by doing the math for you. We simply break down the overall cannabinoid profile and CBD content. Then we compare this to the price per 1 MG of CBD. CBD ranges start at around five cents per milligram and go up from there. Higher priced CBD items start at around ten cents and higher.

Cannabinoid Profile

Here we attempt to break down a few sample products to give you a rough idea of what you might find in your own test results when purchasing a new item. Since every batch of cannabis that is converted into oil tests differently, we have to just give one example from a recent lab result.

Many times this lab example will give the consumer a good idea of what they might be getting next batch. Cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant are not shown in many companies hemp extract. Many producers also use MTC oil in their products. So be careful to check labels of the CBD oil you purchase and see if it contains coconut oil.

Sleep disorders are a common symptom of CBD oil users. A wide range of health issues may be helped by different cannabinoids other than CBD. The way hemp plants are grown can greatly change the CBD content.


Does the company test for pesticides in addition to cannabinoids and terpenes? If so, what pesticides do they test for in their CBD oils? Are some pesticides allowed in their CBD growing operations?

These are all questions Uphempo asks when looking at company CBD manufacturing standards. We find it extremely important to avoid pesticides at all costs because they are completely unnecessary in the production of cannabis.

Usually pesticides are used to cut corners in a badly run cannabis farm. Indoors or outdoors, cannabis is susceptible to various species of bugs. We do not want ingesting any sort of unknown bug killer as this could seriously hurt someone in need of proper medicine. Customer service representatives can greatly aid in finding out which pesticides are use in the hemp plants.

Product and Company Review

If we get a chance to test hemp products long term, Uphempo will likely go this route. For the most part, we have to infer how good a product is by the contents of the product, the company’s ethics, and reviews of customers who have already tried the cannabis item. Customer service can be a good selling point as well because industrial hemp practices are so important.

Hemp consumables that use organics, for example, instead of cheap industry standard nutrient lines are given much higher reviews by Uphempo. Additives in hemp such as cheap flavoring or colors are typically not recommended by Uphempo unless customers really like the products.

Artificial flavoring could be harmless but it also could potentially interfere with medicinal results. We also look at the quality of the packaging, the promises made by the company, the taste, the overall effects, and the extraction process used in creating the product.

Full Spectrum CBD Legalities

Let’s take a look at what the U.S. government has to say about the legalities of hemp. Recently the farm bill was passed by the federal regulators and department of agriculture. In the past year, this hemp industry has seen an enormous amount of change.

Grow sites for cannabis began immediately shipping product around the country in unforeseen amounts. The health benefits of CBD spread so quickly that quality cannabis or hemp farms are having trouble keeping up with demand.

Hemp, by definition of the federal government in 2019 is any cannabis plant product that contains less than .03% THC. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is one of the over 110 cannabinoids found inside of the cannabis plant.

Marijuana is considered to be any cannabis product that has over .03% THC and is still considered a controlled substance by the federal government. This means that anything over .03% THC is technically called marijuana.

Terpenes do not fall into this calculation currently. Marijuana still grants no protection to citizens of the US against federal prosecution A controlled substance is one that has no medicinal value in its properties and a high likelihood for abuse.

So let’s lay all of this down in summary for you to better understand. Cannabis is every form of the cannabis plant you see. So every hemp product is cannabis. Hemp is any cannabis plant with less than .03% THC. Now this is not science. This is the threshold the U.S. government outlines.

Related Article

What’s the Difference Between Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, CBD Isolate, and THC Free Products?

Currently there is no standard rule for what a company can legally call their CBD product. Curious about the CBD content or flavors? A company could for example sell you a ‘full spectrum’ CBD tincture that is not full spectrum.

The tincture could just be road spectrum because every company can make up their own rules on what these terms actually mean. The full hemp plant or just hemp seed oil could be used. People with anxiety should be cautious about checking test results. Too much THC could lead to negative symptoms.

First of all, let’s take a look at full spectrum CBD oil…Full spectrum CBD tinctures are ones that include all of, or the majority of cannabinoids and terpenes isolated during the extraction process. Usually one will get an entourage of effects by having more cannabinoids.

For example, there are over one hundred cannabinoids we currently know of and your specific product will only have a few in the testing results. The absence of certain cannabinoids could be caused by the strain, the extraction methods, or the way that particular batch of plants was grown.

Prices can be very high with CBD oil so be careful to check customer rating systems and testimonials. Offers for CBD oil discounts are found all over the web now too.

Co2 extraction is one popular method. It’s really tough to say what cannabinoids will be present in a product before the testing results are procured. Co2 extraction can leave out many important CBD oils you desire.

Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil Good for You?

You might be wondering if full spectrum CBD oil is good or right for you. We highly recommend checking out our article CBD: The Ultimate Guide. This can be great source for anything CBD oil related. We even have articles on vaping if you have specific questions regarding other options.

What is Broad Spectrum CBD Oil?

Broad spectrum CBD oil usually contains little to no THC as well as other cannabinoids. Broad spectrum CBD oil products are designed for those looking for the most health benefits of cannabis oil while keeping the amount of THC they intake to a minimum.

Parents with sick children may want to consider broad spectrum CBD oil in order to get relief for their kids without having to worry about THC interfering with normal brain functioning. Many people worry that a little THC may lead to more and more since some people do get addicted to the high feeling THC provides.

What is CBD Isolate? What is THC Free CBD oil?

CBD isolate oil and THC free oil are two other cannabis products that people will notice on the shelves of CBD stores around the country.

An isolate is just like the core of the name describes. It is the isolated version of one particular compound in a plant or material. In dispensaries you will find not only CBD but you will find THC, CBN, CBG, and other isolated forms of the cannabis plant.

CBD isolate is just the CBD molecule separated from the other cannabinoids and material. Some companies sell just the CBD isolate by itself. This can come in many forms, but often you will see CBD isolate powder. This powder is white and fluffy and almost looks like baking soda. This powder can be used to make a variety of CBD products from lotions to tinctures.

THC free products usually do not have a wide range of cannabinoids. Unlike full spectrum and broad spectrum, the CBD isolate is generally used to make the THC free CBD oil. Because the CBD is isolated the user misses out on many of the other beneficial cannabinoids.

THC free CBD oil is your best chance to find a CBD product that contains no THC. Some companies claim to have 0.0mg% in their final testing, such as Green Roads.

Other companies do not specify how many milligrams of CBD they are willing to say is equal to THC free. For this reason, it is very important to check with your employer before taking any CBD oil products labeled as THC free.

Stay tuned for more Full Spectrum CBD Oil Reviews in the future!

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