Colorado Marijuana Laws

As one of the first states to legalize marijuana for adult use, Colorado has shaped the way other states want to mimic their programs after. Below you can learn about the newest additions to the Colorado Marijuana Laws.

Status: Fully Legal

Decriminalized: Yes

Medical: Yes

Cannabis Bill Signed By Gov. Polis Allows Cannabis Cafes and Home Delivery

In May of 2019 the cannabis laws in Colorado improved, thanks to Governor Jared Polis. He signed several bills including on-site consumption of cannabis, allowing home delivery, allowing patients to use medical marijuana to substitute opiate prescriptions, and made investing in cannabis easier. Lets take a closer look at each bill below.

(HB-1230) This bill allows businesses such as restaurants or hotels to have a designated area for cannabis consumption. The same can be said for counties or cities that opt in to this idea. This also allows retail businesses that obtain licensing to sell a small amount of marijuana for on-site use. These hospitality centers are a great way for consumers, or even vacationers to have a safe place to consume cannabis, similar to a bar.

(HB-1234) This bill will allow home cannabis delivery in counties and cities that approve. The deliveries will only be allowed at a private residence, and can not be delivered to college campuses. If you are a medical patient, you could be seeing home deliveries as soon as Jan. 2020. Unfortunately for recreational users, you may not get home deliveries until Jan 2021.

(HB-1090) Lastly, this bill allows people to invest in cannabis driven businesses from companies that trade publicly. (SB-13) will allow patients prescribed opiates to register for medical marijuana (lower tax rate compared to recreational cannabis). This is a big step for minors as well, considering your local physician can sign certificates, rather than a medical marijuana specialist.

Colorado continues down the road as a leader in cannabis policy, and with these new laws, another big step forward. Stay tuned for more updates on the Colorado Marijuana laws!

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