Nebraska Marijuana Laws

With the laws on marijuana changing each year from state to state, it can be difficult to keep up with all the updates. We wanted to make things easy for you! Take a look below at the most recent changes to the Nebraska Marijuana Laws.

Status: Illegal

Decriminalized: Reduced

Medical: No

Signatures for Medical Marijuana Program has Begun!

Despite all of the patient and family pleas across the state, Nebraska adjourned legislation without acting on LB-110, which was designed to create a compassionate and sensible medical marijuana program in the state.

Even though this year was a huge disappointment, the cannabis advocates are looking towards the 2020 campaign, and have proposed the issue for next years ballot.

As of right now, Nebraska has collected just 10% of the signatures needed in order for the issue to be placed on next years ballot.

The main goal of the proposal would establish protections for caregivers and patients who receive recommendations from their primary physician to use medical cannabis for their debilitation despise or medical condition.

This, of course, would establish a regulated program for cultivators and dispensary owners in order to market medical marijuana.

Current Laws on Marijuana in Nebraska

As of now, possession of marijuana in Nebraska is illegal, even though they are one of the 26 states that don’t arrest citizens for small amounts of marijuana. if caught possessing 1 ounce or less is considered an infraction, which is punishable by a $300 fine, and depending on the judge, assigned to a drug education class. 

Second offense for possessing less than an ounce, is considered a misdemeanor, and punishable by a $500 fine. Third time convictions may land you in jail for 7 days, and tacked with fines up to $500.

Cultivation is Illegal: Penalties for cultivating are situational, and are usually based on the weight of plants found.

Medicinal Marijuana: As of now, there is no medical marijuana program established in the state of Nebraska

Timeline of Nebraska Marijuana Reform

2017: There was a bill introduced during the legislation session that would allow medical patients to use cannabis products, but would not allow smoking or cultivation. There was a similar bill introduced a year earlier, but was ultimately thrown out by lawmakers.

2018: Anna Wishart, governor of Nebraska introduced a medical cannabis bill, but unfortunately fell short.

2019: Nebraskans for Sensible Marijuana Laws was started, and initiated a ballot committee for the 2020 legislation.

Stay tuned for more updates to the Nebraska Marijuana Laws!

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