Nevada Marijuana Laws

With marijuana laws changing each year, it can be difficult to keep up. We wanted to make things easy for you, so we put together the most recent updates to the Nevada Marijuana Laws. Check it out below!

Status: Fully Legal

Decriminalized: Yes

Medical: Yes

Nevada Continues To Pose As A Model for Other States

November 2016 brought about a successful initiative, which is now the current program in Nevada. In July of 2017 the sales of cannabis to adults 21 and older began, and has done so since with very little problems. Even with concerns about inventory, supplies, and transportation of cannabis, the program has proved to be quite successful, providing marijuana to patients, and adults when they want it, or need it.

November 8, 2016 Question 2 was approved by Nevada voters, which legalized, regulated, and taxed cannabis for adults over 21.

As of now, under state law, adults may purchase cannabis for personal use, but can only consume it from their private residence. Hopefully, in the near future, local regulators can come up with options for businesses to allow on-site marijuana consumption. This would be a big money maker, and convenient for those visiting the state of Nevada.

Current Laws On Marijuana In Nevada

Possessing 3.5 grams of concentrate, or less than an ounce of flower is completely legal for adults 21 and older.

Marijuana retail stores are readily available to the public.

If you are 21 and older, you can legally grow and cultivate 6 plants, as long as you are living farther than 25 miles from an operational cannabis distributor.

Medical marijuana is legal. It requires that your doctor certify you for the program, and you must have or suffer from one of the following conditions:

  • Cancer
  • PTSD
  • AIDS
  • Glaucoma
  • Seizures
  • Severe Pain
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Cachexia
  • Severe Nausea
  • Additional Conditions If Deemed Necessary

Patients have the option to grow their own if outside the 25 mile radius, purchase from a private caregiver, or visit one of the many medical dispensaries in their area.

Nevada Medical Marijuana Program Continues to Expand

As the years pass, Nevadas medical cannabis program continues to operate smoothly. As of February of 2018, there were 21,000 patients registered for the program, which was a considerable drop from previous years.

The numbers are now beginning to level off after a huge boost in growth in 2105 and 16, after all the medical dispensaries emerged, making it easy for patients to get the cannabis they need.

Medical Marijuana For Visiting Patients

Are you worried that you may not be able to get your medical marijuana when visiting Nevada? Don’t worry, thankfully, Nevada is one of the only legalized states that allow visitors with government issued out of state medical cards to purchase cannabis in their state dispensaries.

Marijuana Policy Reform in Nevada

2016: Regulated, and taxed marijuana became available to adults 21 years of age and older.

2013: Legislature expanded the medical cannabis program in Nevada with new law.

2000: Medical marijuana was legalized, and available for those suffering from serious medical conditions.

Stay tuned for more updates to the Nevada Marijuana Laws!

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