New Hampshire Marijuana Laws

The laws on marijuana are changing every year, and it can be difficult to keep up. We wanted to make things simple for you, providing you with the most recent updates to the New Hampshire Marijuana Laws. Learn more below!

Status: Mixed

Decriminalized: Reduced

Medical: Yes

House Passes Legalization Bill but Senate Delays; Advocates Plan To End New Hampshire Prohibition In 2020

The progress made by advocates to regulate and legalize marijuana in 2019 was astounding. For the first time in NH history the House of Representatives approved a bill ( HB-481) and sent it to the Senate.

April 4 brought about the passing of the bill in the House with a vote of 200-163. Unfortunately, on May 30, the bill was delayed by the Senate until January 2020. You can find a summary of the amended bill here.

Cultivation Bill Passed by Both Chambers Of Legislature; Governor Vetoes Bill.

In May of 2019, the Senate approved a bill for the first time, which would allow home cultivation of marijuana for registered caregivers and patients.

HB-364 was passed by the Senate, and would allow the growing of 3 mature plants, 12 seedlings, and 3 immature plants for every patient. This bill was already passed by the House in March with a voice vote.

Unfortunately, the governor of New Hampshire vetoed this bill in August. In September the House did their best to override the veto, but fell short by 3 votes in the Senate the next day. Now they look to 2020.

The medical cannabis program in New Hampshire was officially created in July of 2013, when the governor Maggie Hassan signed the bill to allow residents with serious medical conditions to use marijuana.

Decriminalization In New Hampshire

HB-399 was signed by Gov. Sununu in July of 2017. This bill was designated to decriminalize marijuana in New Hampshire.

Effective in September of 2017, the possession of 3/4 of an ounce or less of cannabis would no longer be a misdemeanor. As of now, it is a civil violation, and punishable by paying a fine.

In 2019, the governor signed another bill (HB-399) which is going to allow those with misdemeanors for possessing marijuana to annul their charges. This law will officially take effect in January of 2020.

Stay tuned tuned for more updates to the New Hampshire Marijuana Laws!

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