New Mexico Marijuana Laws

Every year each state gets closer and closer to legalization. With all of the changes happening across the country, it can hard to keep up. We wanted to make things simple, so we put together all of the most recent updates to the New Mexico Marijuana Laws in one place for you! Check it out below!

Status: Mixed

Decriminalized: Reduced

Medical: Yes

Decriminalization Bill Signed by Governor of New Mexico

The governor of New Mexico recently signed the bill SB-323 on April 3, 2019, which decriminalized the possession of one half ounce of marijuana.

This makes New Mexico the 24th state to decriminalize cannabis, and as of July 1st, the penalty for possession is a $50 fine, instead of jail time.

The legalization and taxation bill of marijuana for adults 21 and older unfortunately died in the Senate after floating through the House.

According to a poll done last year, 60% of New Mexico voters agree that they should have access to safe, regulated marijuana.

Now that the voters stand behind legalization, it’s time for the Senate to step up. Because New Mexico has had a lack of voter initiative, it can only be passed by legislature. This means they would have to voluntarily put the issue on the ballot.

Marijuana Decriminalized in Albuquerque

In April of 2018, the mayor of Albuquerque signed an ordinance that decriminalized the possession of marijuana in the city.

This ordinance reduced the penalty for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana to $25 fine. Even the police chief stood behind the ordinance saying “ The new legislation will allow officers to focus on property crime, drunk driving, and violent crime.”

Albuquerque joined two other cities with the passing of this ordinance. Bernalillo, and Santa Fe passed a decriminalization ordinance in 2014.

New Mexico Medical Marijuana Program

New Mexico is joined by 32 other states that have removed penalties for using marijuana for medical conditions.

October 2018, there were already 58,789 patients registered to use marijuana, which were supplied by tens of licensed cultivators.

Beyond that, there were 7,341 patients that were licensed to cultivate marijuana for their own personal use.

Recently, in March of 2019, The Department of Health increased the plant count from the 450 cap to 2,500, making marijuana more available to patients, and helping to increase supply.

New Mexico Decriminalization

Even though New Mexico may not seem like a draconian state, its marijuana laws still incriminate patrons for using marijuana, a substance that is substantially safer than alcohol.

If caught possessing less than an ounce of marijuana, and it is not for medical use, you could pay fines between $50-$100, and spend 15 days in jail.

Second offenders, or possession of more than an ounce could land you in prison for 1 year, and fines up to $1000.

The Senate approved a bill to reduce penalties for possession of less than an ounce in 2015. Unfortunately, the House failed to vote on the measure. 

Stay tuned for more updates to the New Mexico Marijuana Laws in the near future!

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