Washington Marijuana Laws

Marijuana laws are changing every year, and it can be difficult to stay in the loop. We wanted to make things easy for you, so we put together the most recent updates to the Washington Marijuana Laws in one place. Learn more below

Status: Fully Legal

Decriminalized: Yes

Medical: Yes

Little Change to Marijuana Policy in Washington for 2018 Session

Administrators reconvened in Olympia on January 8 of 2018, with a few cannabis-related bills. With a short, 60-day session that enveloped in March, there was brief period for officials, and no critical cannabis bills rose for the current year.

In August, U.S. Lawyer General Jeff Sessions sent a progression of letters to the governors of the initial four legalization states, disparaging of their administrative frameworks.

Gov. Inslee was one such beneficiary, and like his friends in Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska, he was suspicious of the government’s diminish appraisal of state endeavors. In light of the Department of Justice letter, Gov. Inslee got out the letter as dependent on obsolete and mistaken data. U.S. Lawyer General Sessions’ letter is accessible online here, alongside Gov. Inslee’s reaction.

Authorities have valid justification to be supportive. In addition to the fact that it brings in income, Washington gave a report finding that neither the utilization of cannabis by those underage, nor cannabis related maltreatment confirmations, expanded after the state’s sanctioning of weed for adults.

Simply, everything is running smoothly, and there are no signs that it shouldn’t. For a more critical take, gander at the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board’s definite FAQ, accessible here.

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