West Virginia Marijuana Laws

Cannabis laws change every year in each state, and it can be difficult to stay in the loop. We wanted to make things simple, so we put together the most recent updates to the West Virginia Marijuana Laws below. Check it out!

Status: Mixed

Decriminalized: No

Medical: Yes

Two Bills Passed by Legislature to Create Functioning Medial Cannabis Program

On April 19, 2017, Gov. Jim Justice marked West Virginia’s medicinal cannabis charge, SB 386, making West Virginia the 29th state to pass a restorative cannabis law. The bill passed the Senate in a 28-6 vote , and it passed the House in a 76-24 vote.

Sadly, the rollout of the program has been deferred as a result of worries about who will give banking administrations to the state’s therapeutic cannabis program and to medicinal cannabis organizations. Southern District U.S. Lawyer Mike Stuart has exacerbated the issue by taking steps to indict organizations that enter the therapeutic cannabis space.

With an end goal to address these issues, in 2019, the lawmaking body passed HB 2538, a bill that will permit credit associations to offer for the state’s record and will look to shield state representatives from potential arraignment. Gov. Equity marked this bill into law.

The council additionally passed HB 2079, a bill that would permit vertical coordination of dispensaries and increment the quantity of dispensaries to 100. Gov. Equity vetoed this bill, however the governing body passed a comparative bill, SB 1037, during extraordinary session in May, and Gov. Equity marked it on May 29, 2019.

Tragically, West Virginia law keeps on disallowing patients from getting cannabis in its normal, bloom structure, driving up costs. An outline of the law, as corrected in 2019, is here.

A warning board entrusted with making strategy suggestions started holding gatherings in August 2017. It has just suggested permitting entire plant cannabis. More data about the warning board and the therapeutic cannabis program can be found at the site for the Office of Medical Cannabis.

Research Organization Reports that Legilazation would help West Virginia’s Economy

In August 2016, the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy distributed an inside and out report inspecting the potential monetary and budgetary effects of sanctioning weed in the state.

They inferred that West Virginia could bring roughly $45 million up in assessments and spare $17 million right now spent on requirement.

The report additionally noticed that “pot may conceivably positively affect West Virginia’s narcotic based painkiller and heroin pestilence by offering another, less-addictive option in contrast to people who are experiencing crippling ailments.”

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