What To Do If You've Taken Too Much THC

Yes you can most definitely feel sick after eating or smoking too much cannabis.  Taking too much THC or other cannabinoids can sometimes cause unwanted effects. The time of day, the amount, even your mood can change the way we feel the cannabinoids introduced to our system.  

When most people think of cannabis they imagine the classic green plant you see in movies rolled into a joint or placed in a bong.  People smoke the plant and then immediately let out a big cloud of smoke, followed by red eyes, laziness, slow speech, and hallucinations. 

Cannabis plants have evolved over the centuries to contain high levels of THC.  Selected for their strong psychoactive properties, these plants can be very powerful for those looking to medicate without the stoned feeling.  

What should I do if I think I’ve taken too much THC, CBD, or cannabis?

Consult your doctor right away 

Since so many other things can be confused with a THC overdose, it’s important to isolate your symptoms.  At Uphempo we say It’s always safest to consult your doctor when facing any sort of serious health warning.  Panic attacks and various other issues can mask themselves in a variety of ways including a floating / high feeling.  

Rest, relax, drink water  

One way to cope with a THC overdose is to relax.  From most of our research online and in books we found very few people if any have died from a THC specific overdose.  Usually calming down by putting yourself in a quiet environment will help significantly. The “high” feeling can greatly reduce after 45 mintues and will probably be completely gone by the end of the day.  

It’s always important to try to drink water.  Staying hydrated with fresh juice really helps as well.  Electrolytes can boost your mood and mental focus very quickly.  Water may also help cleanse the system and ease stomach pain.  

Take CBD  

Even though it is a cannabinoid CBD can reduce the psychoactive feelings of THC to bring your body to a more stable balance.  In medical patients with serious conditions CBD in ratios to THC help patients cope with taking so much THC. Since now CBD can be found in thousands of places across the country including gas stations, a friend might be able to drive nearby to grab you some CBD to help with your overdose.

Give it time

Sometimes we all just need a bit of time.  Accidents that seem very bad at first glance can be much easier to deal with after taking a moment to reflect.  A broken bone or car crash could be devastating the moment they happen, but with the help and time we are given the opportunity to bounce back.   

It may take a while to feel normal after ingesting too many cannabinoids.  The high from THC can last all day given the correct person and situations.  Light or novice users might feel a strong euphoria and mental fog which could make things like driving and getting work accomplished very difficult.

THC may even last all day so important to relax and give the medicine time to pass.  We highly suggest staying in a very comfortable / stress free environment with a close friend or relative nearby to help.  Give yourself many hours, or if possible sleep until the feeling goes away.    

Final Thoughts

To sum all of this up simply; You can overdose from taking too much cannabis.  Pills, tinctures, vaping, CBD, THC, all of these things can have negative effects.  Since most of the “high” comes from THC, its best to avoid any more and try to drink water and relax.  Always consult your doctor to make sure you are ok if you are worried or have serious conditions. Simple things such as juice, essential oils, and stress relieving herbs can also play a great part in recovery.  

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